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Changing ac and altertnator
how do i reset timimg on a 1993 chevy 6.5l diesel engine
what can i do to stop the freon from leaking from my a/c?
water got over the engin an now it will turn on but won,t start,is there are re start butten for the computer....
I could take fuse out and reinstall fuse it will stay off for a couple days then come back on.
It still passes smog test.
The air blowing when I turn on the air conditioner does not smell good.
.first start out runs fine
I replaced the radiator now my a/c looses freon we can find the leak .but i can smell the freon inside the van as it leaks out.can you help me, Please.
being driven and no other electrical things are left on?
It lights up for everything but when the brake pedal is pushed.
its under the master cylinder
I am just wondering as I get different responses from people Thanks
Comes back on shortly after I reset the OBD tool.
i accidently put windshield wiper fluid in the coolant. can this hurt the car?
i recently replaced one on my saab 95, but was curious on my 2001 volvo v40, the car that did not pass, 1st question is how many o2 sensors are on my car i found two in the engine, but is there one by the manifold and exhaust system. also can i clear the codes my self or diy project will it pass if i replace it or should i replace it then go to a mechanic to clear the codes which is a better bet, or do i just replace it my self, also how do you know which one is the bad o2 sensor