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i purchased this car from dealer in aug 2011 and when i bought it the dashboard looked shinny, i figured it was because the car was detailed before purchasing. well to the touch the dashboard is sticky. impossible to clean because if you try and clean it the dashboard started peeling up. would i have to replace whole dashboard?

Brake lights work, just no parking lights,dash, license plate illumination will not work.

Week ago driving in morning (So. Fla.)alls well no problems. Garaged at 11 AM, pull out of garage 5 PM car starts fine but idles very rough & sputters down street with no change while accelerating (loud w/little power). Changed all plugs (old were not bad looking or fouled), cleaned all air filters & MFS sensor, added injector cleaner to fuel tank. Valve cover gasket was leaking & replaced. Rechecked plugs - no fouling or oil on them. No change, Still idles ROUGH w/loss of power.

After coming from work and parking my minivan the next day while when I tried starting it the van cranck, started and ran for a few seconds then it stop. I did this twice. Ever since the van has refused to start. I hear the fuel pump I turn the key to the starting position and the battery is in good condition. Any help would be appreciated

Had a leak that looked like it was coming from the bottom left(passenger)side of the w/p. Replaced, and we still have the leak. Replaced w/p,gaskets, and coolant.

riding dowwn the road and steam was coming from the exhaust,under the hood the hose detached from the radiator. almost like the clamp was rusted on the leftside.

radio and horn are not working either. why is this happening?

Replace ECT an still getting code PO118.Soon as I turn the ignition swich to the run position the fan come on.

Best way to find it.

If I try to excellerate too fast I hear a short squeal. Once I get to third gear the car is fine.

96 t-bird runs real rough. Mechanic told me he checked diag. Code coming up with number one and number 8 cyl's not right.

and dont know wher ther located at. codes p1131,p0175,p0133,p1131,p0174. can u show me wher this things are on the motor

can't get fog lights to work think they need a new bulb

looking to purchase a used car and just want to get an idea

my wipers only work on full speed and do not stop in the proper location?