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Just replaced the throttle body and the new one is idling too slow only 250-500 rpm

can it be a reley swithe

It seems that the fan is not turning on when i turn the key into the second position.

I want to take out the radio and replace with a faceplate of some sort

Is there a Schrader valve for fuel pressure test?

does not always do it mainly when engine first reaches tempature. have felt it while driving but not as noticable

150,000 miles on it. Are there troubleshooting steps i can preform?

engine 3ee 4 cyl 1.5l

I have a 2002 525 wagon. It has 95K miles. the check engine oil light comes on every 2 to 3 weeks, at which time I have to add a quart of oil. Is this normal or am I heading toward a small fortune fix? I am just about at wits end with all this spending and want out if this is the case. Please help. mechanic says this is normal for high milage beamers. Thoughts???

The headlights are not burned out. Fuses are good. High beams won't stay on.

While changing heater hose, part of valve where hose connects broke off.

Would like to perform fuel pressure test,want to know if this particular vehicle is equipt with Schrader valve to perform pressure test

It happened last night when I tried to start the car. I have the BIG Element garage book and it's daunting to find what exactly I need to fix the car!! UGH

Would like to do fuel pressure test,can't find Schrader valve.Is there a Schrader valve on this model?

3.0 L engine. 89,000/mi , not giving any codes. My husband changed the idle intake at the beginning. Nothing helps. We have done a tune up.