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I have already replaced the compressor on the car as I was informed that, that was the reasoning for the shut off. I am now being told that it is a heater module. please help
no air blows into the car at all
car stops while raining and running through small pools, any body else have this problem? The dealer cant find porblem, has been in 5 times to try and fix.
it does this only after i drive it for a while, then shut it off and let it sit for a few minutes. when i turn the key, it starts, the shakes and shudders, then stalls. the only way i can fix this when it happens is to rev the engine up to keep it running, then put it in gear and drive away. when i do this, the engine runs fine for the rest of the time i'm driving. i tried fuel injector cleaner but it did not help at all.
At first just the speedometer and odometer now the car will stall and temperature gauge doesn't register. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong?
leaking on converter and car is saging on one side
Average maintenence costs for 2005 Jaguar x-type 60,000 and 90-100,000 miles with no added costs
I have a 2000 chevy malibu the radio is stuck in LOC mode I got these numbers when I pushed the 2 & 3 preset buttons 382 then when I pushed the am/fm buttom the other numbers were 393 if that"s any help
This does not happen in reverse. on the inside it sounds like a bumping noise.
Mycar will runsometimes I drove it then I turnedit off for a while then I tried starting it a lot but never fired up till this day
rear floorboard is extremely hot- why
How do I repair the rear seat releases and were there any recalls on the 2003?
I're place the motor twice it keeps burning out
i have a 2008 Dodge charger SXT Engine
V6 3.5l, it has 51.560 miles. It is burning almost a quarter of oil every 1000 miles. I went to the dealer and they say that it is normal that chrysler makes engines that burn 1 quarter of oil every 1000 miles. It that right i have to put a quarter of oil on my engine every 1000 miles? Please I really need help???
How do you change the rear bumper cover for Toyota 2010 Highlander, they are some minor paint scratches that do not look good cosmetically.