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Car cranks on start for about 3-4 seconds before starting, once in a blue moon a popping noise is heard from the engine at start followed by a bad smell in the cabin if a/c is on. All 8 coils (COP) have been replaced at the same time--spent almost $3K so far.
took it to auto zone and they said it was the #3 cylinder i changed fuel injector and still blinks over 30 mph
Bought used low mileage but oil problem has me concerned
the pumps is not like the one that they sale now . it is two seperate parts that is in the take. and found out that the wire is burnt from malfuction. and no dealerships can help me out. not even GMC will answer my questions.
sound last only about 20 - 30 seconds
Anyone know any OBD2 scanner tools that can scan abs eps/bas errors codes?

I would like to buy a software that can scan Dodge ABS EPS/BAS errors codes so i can repair it.
motor still tries to crank over all lights and radio are working i have no clue where the relay panel is located
Replaced both lower ball joints and was told that the "steering shaft" is shot, and that would cost me easily $200 to repair, then the alignment can be done correctly.
How to fix the problem? Are there any videos I can watch?
sometimes will correct if i turn off and turn back on.
I checked the 2 fuses the owners manual said controls the instrument cluster. Is there a module or relay that also could be bad and where would it be
it just blow warm air please help
i have replaced the cat. converter up front, fuel filter, plugs, wires & more. I even had it in the shop for 2 days & still cant find the problem!?? it shows a code for the sir flow mass sensor but when it was replaced it is still doing the same..NO power!
how much will the cost be?
Auto zone ran a check and said its the shift solenoid valve....and that if one is out I may as well have both replaced. Any idea on a guestimated cost for this to be done?