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That is all I need to know.

That is all I need to know.

At the stop light in drive, foot on brake my car revs up?

Would it be my throttle body or my mass air flow sensor?

what is the proper gauge settings for cylinder valves on a 2004 2.4l galant?

It won't restart until my thermastat gauge reading is all way to the bottom. I replaced the cooling senser

... Like when you turn the ignition on when the motor is already running. I also hear this noise sometimes when shifting into or out of parking gear (auto). What could be the cause?

My van failed emissions due to a high CO (20.03) and a high NOX (4.42). How can I get these numbers lowered in ordered to pass emissions.

Now I can't shut off the engine. The switch will turn but nothing happen. How can i fix this problem.

I went to dealership for an oil change and they told me the front wheel break pad is too thin and the break fluid level is low too. They recommend replace the break pad. Is this normal? I searched the internet and found out the pad should last about 100,000 miles. This is so big a difference.

and drive car

the head lights are not working right.all the bolbs
are good.but when im running low beams one light is on ans the three others are verry low. and when im running high beams just the two left lights are on.

Had truck on cruise control @ 65mph,truck died no warnings.Now the truck will not start.No codes come up

I have a 2000 C230 kompressor with 58000 miles. I just read on the MSN that the kompressor needs to be serviced as in change oil.Do super chargers in MB needs to be oil change and when and how. Thank you .

We recently replaced the crankshaft sensor and spark plugs. I've been driving it for a week with no issues but this AM it was raining and it turns over but it won't start. I called a parts store and they said we have to replace the distributor at a price of $500, just for the part. I'm old school when it comes to cars, Why can't we just replace the cap, rotor and wires.?