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Brights and parking light works.
My car has to be cranked once and then the second time it will start. It will never start on the first try no matter how long I crank it. What needs fixed?
Blower work good on both sides and I have tested all flaps.
when ran and warmed up then shut off the truck wont restart till temp cools down it will crank. the trucks not over heating could it be exhaust the rear of exhaust is hotter than the front of ehaust is this normal
EVAP Selonoid
there is two hyd. valves above windshield, one is leaking, bought replacement, but having problem installing. chrome shaft needs to be removed and installed on new valve?
My car got hot and died and the coolant overflow cap broke. now when turning the car over it will not start and sprays something from the overflow hose and somthing from the front of the motor to tords the radiator.
1998 Buick Le Sabre Limited 80,000 some miles.
Was told it could be les, or it could be more, because it is a very time consuming job !!
When it warms up, it stalls. To keep it running, we have to shift into neutral and keep a foot on the gas.
Van will sometimes stop when hot, usually when idling at a stop, or won't start some times. Replaced fuel pump and checked most fuses.
Van some times won't start when cold, or when hot. Use starter fluid and it will start up then.
The trunk opened, the windows went down but nothing else moved. Help?
I've tried checking the fuse but all to no avail
failed for knock sensor. repaired and cleared codes.
When I am at a stand for a bit the car shows to be running hot, but when I start going it goes back down. What would this be from? thnx