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where is the tcm located on a 2006 silverado 1500?
i can only shift the truck manually
I have a 2004 F150 the other morning on the interstate it says low oil pressure. As I pulled onto the shoulder the motor quit running. I check the oil and it is fine now it will not start. Also the lights stayed on even with the switch in the off position and the battery was drained in less than 20 minutes.
Is a 1997 Toyota Corolla 1,9 Liter Engine a None Interfearence engine ?
when the engine hesitates I have to let off the gas peddle and then I have to barlly push it then the van will get up and go and any rmp it just seems to be at idle not sure why, does any one have some advice, also Havent done a tune up in 2 yrs
motor quit and its a single blade mercedes
What do I need to do or replace to fix this problem?? Thank You.
4 yrs ago had an accident where a truck backed up into my front end. Only minor external damage sustained to the hood only a smashed in grill. No damage done to headlights & fog lights. Down the road around 6 months ago, April 2012 my right blinker went out. Changed the right pax side bulb but it only lasted a day. Took my car back and they replaced that same right side bulb. When my BMW mechanic tried to change the left blinker bulb, he couldn't loosen it. Even had someone else open it, but failed. He suggested that the left side blinker bulb had fused to the headlight?? Which he suggested to change the headlights. From then on the blinkers would work intermittently changing from left to right. Of course the warning light comes on when the blinkers would not work. My question is, because the headlights are $571 each, should I replace the headlights? Or is it an electrical problem? Please help.
Well I did and no one seemed to know the problem then went to this place and they said same as the dealer it was the timing chain at 95,000 miles so 2000.00 later Drives great now and better gas mileage.
This is very sparattic, i may drive it for an hour, but after a stop. It will chug and die. What type of repair is needed?
I checked every fuses already, everthing is ok.

What i need to check now?
My front brakes were replaced 1 year ago, but it's been a while for my rear drum brakes. I feel a vibration or rumble when breaking at high speeds and a wobble at low speeds. Of course I considered the drums in the rear first but the wobble has me wondering if it's not the u joints or something else in the drive shaft. Again it happens when braking only.
1. The screeching/grinding noise in the wheels has been going on for about 4 weeks, sounds like worn brakes, but the noise occurs any time the car is moving, unless I turn the steering wheel left.

2. On the drive to work this morning, the power steering failed and at the same time, the A/C stopped blowing cold. Could they be related?

This car is otherwise in great shape, it's paid off, low miles and great fuel econ. Please let me know what you think is wrong. Want to have some ideas before seeing the mechanic.


Dash keeps cracking. Will Toyota make good on this problem ?
Has anyone had any success with Toyota ?
the temperature or turn on the a/c for at least a minuet.the only time it doesnt make the noise is when i put up the heat only when i lower to cool or a/c.