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My engine light is on, the auto store never gave me the code number but said "Bank1 and Bank2 were "Lean" and that the code is pending. I dont know what this is supposed to meen. I have changed the MAF,fuel filter,pcv valve, plugs,wires,coil pack,o2sensors(all but 1).It idles high, feels like its going to stall. The guy at the auto store told me that i had to drive about 100miles and the light should go off? Is that true, or is he wrong? Any help would be appreciated. My car is due for inspection and it wont pass with the light on. Some please help!!!! Thanks in advance:)
The rear passenger door lock went first. It makes an exhausted motor sound and will not unlock, even manually. The front passenger lock recently stopped working also. It can be lock/unlocked manually.
Dealer replaced leaking hydroboost. Immediately notice much more effort required to stop. Dealer replace H/B unit second time. No better. Dealer said it tested 3000psi so they are done with it. Since then ive done the brake material, master cylinder all to no avail. Dealer parts guys rechecked the part number on the H/B and are sure its correct. somebody else recommend eplace P/S pump and hoses another said check H/B rod throw. Another said there was a change to the priorty valve in later models to biased more hydraulic fuild to steering during braking. Which direction first?
Actually, the mirror is still attached and the power control button works. The pins that holds the whole mirror on are what are broken.
4X4 high, and low lights flash occasionally. It feels like 4X4 is engaged. Do not need the 4X4, since this is an electric switch, can a fuse be removed to keep from engaging, or removal of front driveshaft?
back up lights not working
also the car needs it rear bumper put on and it needs a paint job. Has about 125,000 miles on it. New tires all around. What would it cost to repair these problems. ( the hood is a different color causing the enitre car to be repainted)
I have a 195,000 miles on the car and have not had the struts or shocks replaced. Car rides well but I don't want to break down on the freeway.
truck goes in reverse and works fine have a whinning/ticking noise in forward gears and does not move, was parked put in drive went to pull away made loud bang and that was it
Had van tested 2 times on test one failed on high side by 2 points and just passed with 98 measured.
Second test failed on slow of 104 measured and passed on high what to do now?
Had the radiator flushed last august, but a/c still worked fine. All of a sudden now that it is hot, the a/c will not cool the drivers side. Anything I can do without bringing it in to the dealer.
codes thrown P0420, and the misfire code. check engine light on. turns over but no spark. not cam shaft position sensor changed it. has over quarter tank of gas
My car wont change from the fist gear, ive had the transmission flushed, and have replaced everything under the hood. can you please tell me why the trasmission is doing this.
My cooling fan doesn't turn on causing my engine to overheat when idle and I want to unplug the connector to see if it will start the fan. I just can't figure out where the ECT Sensor is exactly.
mind of its own