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my car start but when i stop it won't restart. i have to wait about 15 minute before it restarts. any ideas ....
After determining the issue and taking corrective actions, assuming that the issue was indeed corrected, will the P0455 code clear itself of is it a code which requires a manual clear by the code reader? The car in question in particular is a 2008 Ford Focus.
I have 3 readiness moniters left to clear and have already have driven almost 600 miles no check engine lite has come on and there is nothing on the pending code list and nothing comes up on freeze frame help me out please
it takes awhile for my car to started after sitting for awhile
the purge valve is broke
when starting up as well could it be lifters
when starting up as well could it be lifters

I bought a BMW X3 diesel 2005 a few months ago. the only problem that I'm facing is that I cannot turn on the interior lights on the back seats.... the front seats lights are fine.

is there any secret key to turn on... or should be a damaged fuse, or whatever.

any idea will be appreciated.
tahoe is 2x4,4 door with the 5.7 i think
the lights flash too.
20005 grand caravan 3.3 L engine.139K KM. engine die sometime when at low speed or stop. if remove the battery and start to drive , it will work great without any error code, Check Engine light is not on, it runs good for a long hours only if you keep driving. once stop the van , the p0132 ,p0138 and Check Engine light will be on in around 2 minutes after 2nd drive start,3rd drive or future drive will always see p0132, p0138, and Check Engine light on.try new tps, New idle speed sensor,clean EGR valve ,tested air temperature sensor OK.if initial drive after remove battery runs great, what is different on 2nd drive?thanks
put new one in,but still turns kind of hard but dives nice except for sharp turns
Replaced cam sensor vehicle still stalls,stops and will not start back for about 30 minutes.Can not drive a long distance more than 10 miles.
This just started happening about a month ago. I have to keep pounding the brake before it will respond for me to go from park to drive or reverse. Sometimes I can get in and it will work with no problems.
when i speed up in comes out the defrost when i slow it comes either out the vents or at the bottom never the same when it comes out the vents its cold please help