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it looked like a couple of wires why would the fire start there it was like under the brake fluild jug it was hard to see
under the hood driver side by brake fluild
what does the return code U1112
engine light comes on and vehicle will not accelarate
Cluster not working correctly
She has brought to the dealership and number of times and they have put on new tires and rotation, but nothing seems to fix the problem Any ideas???? Thank you
Brake lite stopped working, blinkers, running and rear cab brake lite work fine.when brake is applied rear cab lite comes on but rear brake lite will not. have checked fuses and switch under dash .
I need to find the fuse to replace the doom light
Sitting at a light today it all just stopped. All fuses are good however
engine light on. have to drive with overdrive off because 4th gear isn't working.when a pull off from a stop positiom have to baby moter so it can go from 1st to 3rd gear
The lights come on, but it doesn't engage
price for control arms installed for driver and passenger side of 2000 mercury mountineer
this is first time when I am gonna take my car for service is it good to take at any service center or should I take it to dealer? And how much will it cost, there is no damage what so ever to my car?
Sometimes it blows hard and cold then it will go to barely blowing
I apparently had a misfire and then about an hour later, all of a sudden, there is a bang, the steering won't work, and red gear oil starts pouring out from underneath. Could it be a burst hose, or reservoir? If so, how hard is it to access these, and are parts relatively affordable?
Now I have this code thrown the car was fine until the dashpad came out to be repaired and now it threw the airbag clockspring code repaired that and code cleared now it tells me Deployment Loop Resistance Low what to do now to get this code removed. somewhere i read something about moisture but there is no moisture in this car it is in the garage there is humidity .. anyone help here .. thanks