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Or do they came greased?
Shortly after flushing out the radiator and replacing the fluid, i started hearing, what sounds like a fan running intermittently, while i'm driving. Could this be something I did wrong when flushing the radiator? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Air works great?
heatfrom drivers side, cool from passenger side
only comes on when the head lights are on. have new battery and alternator that was just installed.
horn was shorting the electical system. horn was unplugged by the dealer mechanic. i need to get the horn working again
so how do we get this key out? what are the permissives required for the eky to be released?
dont see a stick any were
air conditioner works fine but drivers side blows warmer air than passenger side. I suspect the blend door.How do I get to it to check out.
I have already replaced the compressor on the car as I was informed that, that was the reasoning for the shut off. I am now being told that it is a heater module. please help
no air blows into the car at all
car stops while raining and running through small pools, any body else have this problem? The dealer cant find porblem, has been in 5 times to try and fix.
it does this only after i drive it for a while, then shut it off and let it sit for a few minutes. when i turn the key, it starts, the shakes and shudders, then stalls. the only way i can fix this when it happens is to rev the engine up to keep it running, then put it in gear and drive away. when i do this, the engine runs fine for the rest of the time i'm driving. i tried fuel injector cleaner but it did not help at all.
At first just the speedometer and odometer now the car will stall and temperature gauge doesn't register. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong?
leaking on converter and car is saging on one side