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1998 DODGE RAM 1500 4WD
can I do the job or do I need technician and special tools
Couls this be a fuse issue?
When I try to park turning right at slow speed..there is a bit of shaking at the front end and it feels like the wheels are skipping. Or if I am driving I could hear the wheels skreeching a bit most the time is at low speed turning right.
just noticed this and want to know how to fix and cost
the car will not start, all compnents of engine test ok, i have all working lights and plenty of battery power.
constant velocity knuckle.....cvc joint
Started when they were packed with snow and I forced them.
The gauges aren't working correctly. The lights stay on. I can hear a weird clicking noise coming from the back fuse box when I try to start it. Also certain things aren't turning off when I turn the key off.
does it have grease fittings-how many and where are they located
if it has grease fittings where are they located and how many
want to know where fittings are located and how many if the 1999 passport has them
I had it leak into the passenger side, because the drain holes where clogged from the pan between the windsheild and hood. Fixed that issue. Now dealing with water in on the driver side front and back. Why would it be doing that and how would I search the problem out?
98 Maxima's starter will not engage when you turn the key to "start" position (as opposed to "on" position) - you can hear switches click, etc when you turn it there. Have replaced the wiring in the steering column just after the tumblers. Checked the solenoid - and its getting power (shorted with screwdriver between posts to confirm) and it whirred after it sparked. Cleaned battery leads and some of the ground points (can't get to the main ground easily)

Lights, horn, etc. work fine.

After my attempts to diagnose, it won't engage when cold either...... :( The Mechanic God's weren't with me, I guess.

Any other ideas. I understand this is a common problem for this vintage Maxima (98 GLE)

Can not get anything to blow out of the vent's, It sounds like it's on but nothing comes out