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no noise, no other indications

how do knw if your intake manifold is leaking

how do u knw if your intake manifold is bad

I noticed it on my way to work. it is like this all the time

low oil pressure

I replaced the o2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 1 and now i am getting a code for bank 2 sensor 1 and bank 1 sensor 1 i checked the fueses both Ok. whats the chance that they are both bad? any other idea would be appriciated last time and then i guess its to the dealer.

I have replaced spark plugs,wires,also replaced lifters,gets compression with valve train off.Is it possible piston ring is stuck or broken?

repair was done by mechanic, all new parts, compresssor,belts, pulleys, for front and rear air on 2003 gmc yukon

When I'm braking, a clicking/ticking noise sounds from the rear left wheel area. It sounds like the suspension. It also sounds like something (rods maybe) are going to fall from under the truck.

Car randomly dies at stop lights then will not restart for approximately 5 minutes. The engine will turn over but its like it is not getting any fuel. I noticed the last time that the motor got louder as if a heat shield was rattling before the motor died. I also noticed that the rpm gauge pulsed up and down for a few seconds after the motor died and then once I got it restarted the rpm gauge took a few seconds before it would register on the gauge. Any idea on what I need to do or replace and how to do it?

I had to replace the master cylinder on the Saturn. I primed the cylinder off the car and thought I got all the air out of the cylinder, but now the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and I cannot seam to get the air out of the lines. Any ideas on what I need to do?

bracket broke cast iron?

The ETC light has come on 3x..The last time was while passing a big rigg on the I was starting to go around him I pushed the tow button to make it kick down faster to get me around the Rigg..The ETC light came on and I could feel it hesitate,and lose power..I was getting nervous, do to I was on the 15N going onto 10e and this was NASCAR saturday,and the freeway was packed..I found a spot and pulled over, and shut the truck off for 10 sec or so..I started it up and no problems...I drove it another 35+ miles and still ok..but! next week I'm towing my 67 gto(1st time) from southern ca,to surprise Az and don't need to break down while caravaning with friends (who drive chevys) and don't need to hear the "you bought the wrong truck"!! so please don't make fun of anything..I need help..I'm on a very tight budget
and I don't know much about Dodge trucks,but I like this truck and hope to add some power adders in the future..When you all help me on this, then I'll ask for more bang for the buck tricks you can advise me on(show up the chevys)
Also, I asked an on line Mech about this,and he said to take it to auto zone,and have them read the code..Maybe you guys have gone thru this and can give me the easy fix...thank you DODGE GUYS....Bruce

it has been happening for awhile

I have a air suspension fault on and the right rear of the car sinks down. Does this mean I need to replace the rear strut?