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Brake pedal goes soft while at a red light why
Should I have body shop replace or do it myself??
how can that be fixed what to i need to get
stalls as soon as it kicks into gear,,cant even cheat and raise the idle with one foot on the gas other on brake still stalls right out wont go at all at idle is fine.ran and shifted good well KEPT CAR
under my hood i found the control panel for the fuses... there is nopaper work to indicate what fuse goes where ,what size fuse and why.
there is no obd code. installed new fuel pump to no avail. changed idle air control valve 1 week before, for high idle issue. then it ran fine till it died.
it turns on and off. when it is on it is cold but it seems like it isnt blowing as hard as it should when it is on... i have heard alot of different responses to this question and would jsut like to get things straight thank you
Price is affordable, under 8500
replaced the egr valve,the DPFE sensor and the gas cap reset light and still on need help asap..
put a ground wire from the green test connector.Set the rpm to 750 on idle and timing on 6. As soon I disconnect the ground wire,the engine accelerate and rpm goes over 800.The repair manual ask me to ground the test connector so i did.Just want to have my rpms right to smog check. Thanks.
10 days ago, I got gas and then went to a near-by store.
When I left the store, my car wouldnt start. I had it towed to my repair shop, who said the fuel pump needed replacing. After they did that, it still wouldnt start, so they did elec/wiring stuff etc, but still would not start. They spent hours + 10 days trying to find the problem (+ me with no car). Well today, they finally called and said that there was DIESEL FUEL in my tank and not gas.
I called the place where I got the gas and they said that no one else had called with any problem + they referred me to their Corp. Office, who also said no one else had this problem. I went back to check the exact pump I used that night. There are 2 diff nozzles, 1 for diesel + 1 for gas. But, the Diesel button
was so clearly marked and far away from the gas buttons, that there is no way that I hit the wrong button, for diesel. I get regular always. The only thing I can see that I might have done was to grab the diesel nozzle, yet still hit the regular gas button. Plz help...what would happen if you put the diesel nozzle in yet pushed the regular gas button? Would it give diesel? The gas station said that there are 2 separate underground tanks.Any knowledge would be appreciated for this. thanks
have had lincolns 25 years and limo co. do repair not seen any thing like this before
155000 miles, ran fine until it started too backfire when driving and now hard starting. changed fuel filter, and new spark plugs,wires,rotor and cap.
i have an oil leak in the valve cover i dont know if it is causing it or not but car runs fine when a/c is off. already check relays. idk if its a sensor or what? any ideas
It smelled like wire burning and I was wondering what could cause it. It comes on but that is about it. I took it to Autozone but they weren't able to run the codes