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what type tools or needed to remove the hoses from the rack side
The engine light & the 2 VSC lights came on. Dealer said a high alcohol content & running too lean. I ran the tank near empty & filled with SHELL premium, was OK. Refilled with regular and before too long same thing. This routine is now on the third round. This last time we drove about 100 mi and the lights came on again. any suggestions?
thinking about getting this car
Just had ball joint replaced, tied rod, cannot drive it over 30mph or it sways
car was moved the night problem
went out this morning to start and it wouldn't ...
it was cranking just not turning over---
what should i check?? crank sensor ??
Are repair costs really expensive if needed?
Did see some fluid leakage on the ground, looked as though it came from a transmission cap that was not on properly. I don't want to get stuck with a giant bill for work that doesn't need to be done.Message light says drive slip needs adjusting. i am going on a trip and do want to be safe but would like to have a couple of bucks left over for fuel cost.
Engine light is on and has been for some runs fine, very worried about how much it will cost us to see why its on. One thing we are very curious about is that a year or so ago the battery went dead and we had to get a new one. Well after all was said and done the cruise control wouldn't work any more. Has anyone had that problem?
rodeo 2002 LS that had a potential overheated engine issue (only 500!!!) - but now that we want to start it to test the what could be wrong - it won't start - security light flashes - turining lights flash - battery checked and fully charged - tried to cross the the starter but - difficult because where it is located - any ideas?
it shows malfunction take to garage. goes into limp restart malfunction gone, but does it again after a few miles.the first thing i noticed before all this started that the back ceiling light does not always go off by itself esp problem 3 times., engine stall many times. but not together w/esp problem. HELP
I have looked undar the hood, as well as removing the glove box and looked there. STILL can not seem to locate it. Any other sugestions as to how to identify it. There seems to be not only 2 location, but two different relays available from the parts stores. one of them is CONCIDERABLY more expensive than the other. any explanation for this ? It may help me find it Thanks in advance for your help
a gallon then quits.
How do you get at the bulb?
i drove car 40 miles and 1 and half quart oil went into resivor and over heated on me