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it will start every time but the guages dont work either

it will just barely turn over like 2 growls then start. good all day then next morning, same thing. had battery checked after running 29 min. said battery checked good. also car runs a little rough when started until choke releases. Could it be the starter,,, Help.

i had warmed my car up and went to roll the window down, well now the handle goes round and round but the window says put. what parts would i need and could i do it at home by taking the panel off? any information would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Driving seems ok, when put car from drive to park, it will either stall or increase in idle speed, then drop suddenly to very low speed if not stall and then back to normal idle. I have taken car to Buick dealership, they had car for 2 weeks and cannot figure out what or why it is doing this, no codes are being recorded for problems, they have already replaced MAP & MAF, but still does it.

it sluggeish all the time

Guys Please Please help I needed to replace my piston rings after 480000ks but i for the life of me can not remember which way the L marking was facing on top of them is it meant to face towards the oil filter or the transmission/gearbox. Please do try to answer this one im really really stumped.If i had money for the labour/parts i would not be feeling this pain, i really love my car.

Thank you Michael

I have two carburetors ive rebuilt, one of them is from a 1962 jeep and the other a 1977 dodge.both vehicles have been sitting a long time .Now they both have very slugish acceleration.They seem to be sucking to much air at first and then the engine slowly picks up speed ,they idle perfectly and start good is this the carbs or something else?I have soaked both of them in carb dip for several hours.

Had a shop check code and said it was timming problem and may be caused by using wrong oil filter and that my engine might have to be replaced. other than tapping noise engine runs fine. i feel no loss of perfomance and have put several miles on it since and have not babied it. replace entire engine? really.

Can't seem to change the date in repair history under MyCar.

I go to MyCar and click on the service name in the repair history for the repair to edit.

Click on the edit button, whitch brings me to the edit screen.

However it will not permit me to click on the calender to select a date or type in a date.

What am I doing wrong???

I have done everything I can to fix the oil circulation in my Jetta but for now the oil sensor just stays on, is there a fuse I can remove to stop the constant beeping and flashing until I can fix the root problem? I can not find a fuse diagram that tells me which fuse is the oil sensor may be on a fuse with other components so might not be able to remove............

Mechanic was diagnosing a sporadic misfire. After reaching normal operating temp car would misfire randomly,at idle and during acceleration. At other times it would run fine/fire on all four cylinders. Mechanic said he inspected valves and found them to be loose. He adjusted them, cleared code. I picked it up from the shop and as soon as it reached normal operating temp it started missing again. Would loose valves cause a Sporadic misfire or would it cause a constant misfire.
I diagnosed and fixed a clogged fuel injector a week later.

My turn signals no longer work and I need to replay the relay, but I can't find it. the book says it's behind the radio - very hard to get to.

changed fuel pump, cleaned fuel filter,still no fuel rail pressure,I can hear pump come on, No codes.

I have a 2001 saab 9-3 convertiable, I can't open the top. I think the problem is leaking Convertible Top hydraulic cylinder seals.

Include in the estimate hangers and clamps.