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to watch out for?

recently had a timing valve replaced and 5 coils. Oil level got real low before it was fixed.

I replaced the key switch and it still does the same.
Have to pull the coil wire off to stop rhe engine and disconnect the battery.

Check engine light comes on when this happens and speedometer goes crazy.

what is the dash needle normal position?

they get so tight i have to stop and open the zerks to releave presure, thats normal driving, but comming to a stop i but it in nutrial and use brakes they seem to not lock up so soon

my tire on the right side is wavy

I have wanted a Jeep all my life. I have a chance to buy one but I need something that will pull more than 3,000lbs since that is what my camper weighs empty. Will anyone advise me on this matter? sincerely, Lindagtown

When you slow down it stops. Seems to sound like something isnt catching and then when you slow down (10mph) it catches.. HELP Ive changed many of the suspension parts and still haven't solved the issue

Happens all the time almost every time I try 1st gear.

I bought the car in Dec, Dealer said it was just fixed and was running great. Bought As-is. Turned around and found a leak the next day. Water pump needed to be changed. Paid Jeff Fields, Suzuki Almost $600 for that, Although they said the timing belt was fine and did not need to be replaced. Next day i noticed a leak and clutch felt as if it was not catching right, took it back... Turns out the EGR valve Gasget was not there, but instead had orange claking had been used as a temp fix, and The Clutch was about to go (as if the dealer hadent known). Anyways, I bought and fixed EGR Valve the next day. Didnt have the money for a new clutch right then.. I had just bought the car. A few weeks later I dropped it off at Suzuki Again! Picked it up after my taxes came in. So it was there for about a week. $900 for the clutch work, Apperently I needed A new flywheele but couldnt afford the extra $376 So my Dad I guess sanded it down and told them to use it. So in doing so Suzuki didn't call and ask me, they didnt warrenty any of the work. I throw a fit left, And 15 mins later it won't stay Started!!! I can start it, its fine for a sec then starts almost whuummuumming, lights start dimming and it dies!You can drive it for a sec, then it dies! Help Please

only when I'm on D and push hard on gas pedal from a complete stop . Not if I accelerate slowly. It sounds like the engine is dropping from car for a moment, but then it drives good.

could i have gotten the wrong half shaft