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Runs great under load like uphills and such. Bad mileage too. Replaced the crank sensor, pcm, cap, rotor, plugs and wires. Fuel pressure is good. No codes in memory. Any ideas?
suddenly the rear right side door handle is turned loose and coming out of location whenever i try to open door. There is one screw that seems loose and should fit into the handle front side.
car turns on and shuts off, or it will not crank then sometimes it turns on and stays on. took car to get diagnostic test they get no code because (C.E.L) not on all the time only when it doesn't crank
checked all fuses and they are all ok anything else i can check?
clutch broke in half, not sure how expensive the repair is going to be. It happened while on vacation so we aren't at home. Any suggestions.
battery light was on, battery was 6 years old, replaced battery, truck starts, runs, but light is still on
what is the best way to change the water pump on this car?
My car has less then 60k and lately I have been getting many error messages.. Engine, tire pressure low, gas cap loose.. anybody else have the same problem.. PLEASE SO FAR ALL HAVE BEEN NOT ACCURATE...
We only want to know how much a clutch part cost for a 1997 Geo Metra.
On hot days in traffic with the AC on the engine overheats. The electric radiator fan rarely comes on. Will cool down when going highway speeds.
transmission not coming together mech. want to leave out pilot bearing
i have a 1997 dodge grand caravfan es with a 3.8ltr all was well till i start having probles wth the cooling system since then the van does not like to come out of low gear. but if i turn the engine off and right back on it starts to work for a bit. i could even be driving put it in nutral turn the key off and on and put it back into gear then it works for a bit. also the check engine light is on on the dash but that may not be tied together
im thinking it's a speed sensor becaues on top og that the speedometer intermitently goes crazy soometimes it doesn't work at all and sometimes it bounces around.
what does it mean when car said snap shot taken
I have been changing the oil every 3000 miles. People tell me this is not necessary for my 2002 Lexus ES300. I drive about 600 miles a month. I don't know whether my mechanic outs in synthetic or regular oil. The oil change costs about $40.
My car RPM moves but car can't pick up some time goes till 60
what is the problem