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Where is it located

reacurred misfire on #2 again ,cleaned egr , brand new cat , whats my next move ? can i lub the egr possabily sticking? why is it alway on number 2 cylender?

misfire on number 2 want to change plug and coil

The wires, spark plugs and coil have all been replaced and the cylinder is still not working. Need to know what to do next. Getting diag code P0304.

I was told to spray wd 40 in driver door latch would normally fix the problem but it didn't (for the lights).

cant find the puup

what is the engine oil compasity

Everytime or 90% of time I unlock driver side door with key the factory alarm (horn) goes off. It will not go off if unlock the passenger door.

New spark plug and coil installed. Also new crankshaft position sensor. Cyl. compression is OK (12,5 kg as in the neighboring cyl.1). Fuel injectors replaced, spark plug is wet (fuel is comming). The diod connected to fuel injector wire is flashing the same as in other cylinders. So the fuel is coming, the spark plug is working, don't know what is the reason of missfire.

Also something caused the airbag light to blink code 52. I replaced the battery and had alternator checked. When I turn the key to on position only cluster lamp that come on was battery one until I jump started it then all lights came on and car started but soon as i pressed brake or pushed power window button the dash shut off and car staled. When only some dash lights came on then car would not shit either and also the brake lights wont work until car dies then they come on????

If I stop the engine and turn off the key, then restart, the driver's side vents usually return to blowing cold. What is causing this?

how do i fix


The gas tank has a 1+6 gallon capacity.

I need help in taking off the alternator and the belt off my Lexus SC 300 so I can have the Alternator checked out to see if I need to replace it.