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not using any oil between changes motor is clean and not leaking but its getting a few miles on it
I have a 98 chevy monte carlo 3.8liter, what would cause the fuel pump not to come on?? I had the fuel pump taken off and check and the fuel pump is good, so I know the problem is not the fuel pump, please help, really, what would be causing the fuel pump not to come on.... Thank You...Sweets7
the low pressure measures 150 when compressor runs for about 10 seconds pressure drops to 125, is there a high pressure switch on the high pressure side?
I have regular tune ups, oil changes, etc. It had made some new sounds recently when parallel parking, but then with it's mileage of 240,000 it makes quite a few sounds. The car has been babied since new and the bar between the two front wheels was replaced a few years back. What could this be? Thanks, Barb
the van starts most of the time ,but sometimes it it shuts right off and then driving down the road it stalls without any warning
Radio worked until suddenly didn't. Stations show. CD and cassette player work but no sound.
I have been to 2 Toyota service centers. Both indicate upper rear seal slow leak coolant. Neither mentioned pressure testing the system to determine the extent of the problem. Considering the estimated cost of the repair , I can't understand this.

What should I do ?


i hear some that is on at the left side of engine and with the battery hooked up the lights are on
Oil was changed in mother-in-law's car which is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter engine. Oil light keeps coming on and we've checked the filter and drain plug, not coming from there. We're now want to replace the oil pressure sending unit to try that. We have the part but she doesn't have a repair manual to go by and the library's non-fiction section is in storage and no store has a repair manual for us to buy for her. Can anyone help us with location of this part??? Thanks.
There is a cheap way and the right way to hook up to machine..what is this and how much does it cost?
Yestersay a garage wanted to charge 800 dolars o do it. It ran hot one day. Took it in the nexst day fior a pressure test and it passed. However water is still overflowinfg and I hear gurggling when I stop.
Car runs but mileage has dropped from 32mpg to 18-20 mpg. Cylingers cause terrible idling and difficult to start from the stop sign due to no power. Engine vibrates due to cylinders not firing. He needs car for a couple of hours to diagnos problem but can't get car in for 10 days.
could a bad oil pump cause this problem ?
you cannot hear any vibration from the front when you open the hood