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post catalyst fuel trim system too lean bank 2 the check engine light comes on I have changed all 4 02 sensors, a new fuel pump
light broke off there is a wire attached how to reattach bulb wire?
The receiver/dryer is cold. Compressor working. But blowing hot air in vehicle. need to know how to determine why air not cold. Took off glove box and lower dash. All diaphrams that I can see are working, change air direction and open flap for recirulation. What changes from heat to cold. Tempature control, diaphram change airflow from heat to cool? Thanks
This is an intermitant problem. Brake lights work. My Body Shop has not been able to trace the cause. I saw a technical bulletin which I think will solve the problem but am unable to locate this repair kit. Thanks for your help.
Parts available give me two choices. O2 sensor and Air Fuel Ratio sensor. Which is it? Location is Front manifold pre cat.
Replaced battery with new one now the flashers are on and won't go off.
After changing my water pump on my truck my car started shifting very hard and slow while going from 0-20. I also changed my fan clutch and thermostat.
stepping on gas pedal results in "lurch". this all happened at once. I haven't had problems with this care otherwise. Anyone know a good, honest repair man? dealership is very expensive and I'm on fixed income.
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and the service traction control light is on and i would like to know what the promble is
in last 2 days the a/c has gone from cold to hot and back to cold. this has happened 3 times.
bought 2011 venza. Ck engine, anti skid, passenger air bag Lts went on. Toyo Svc to replace after MIT alarm with Toyo factory alam. Now they are installing new computer. Not sure why. Will I have future problems? Any advice?
emission test failure. secondary air injection system failure.
will the needle always show hot when overheating ?
My friend used my car and said the motor shut but the needle did not show hot?
Continued driving and later saw it was overheating
My ASR light comes on and puts LHM mode. Want it disabled, is this possible?
Had tune up February 2012. Are there recalls about this problem? Truck purchased at Nissan dealer. Is this the best place to have it repaired (cost).