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The A/C unit makes a noise like a door closing and will not allow heat to flow thru vents. How can we get arround this or fix it. Terry in Mich.
There appears to be a knocking noise coming from the altenator. it seems to increase when the clutch in the altenator engages. the battery is low, but the test at auto shows the altenator woking
Viberation of car at certain speeds. Car almost 91000 miles.
When driving, the car engine will change tones and sound like it's bogged down. Thought the converter was clogging, removed it from the picture for now, but still doing it. When you come to a stop the car almost want...
My 2005 Mazda Tribute has been acting up in the rain. After it dries it runs good until last week and it finally died. Heard alot of bad news when it comes to the coils and Fords so I finally got them all changed, fro...
Moved selector to 4 hi to move off ice. Accidently clicked to 4 low then moved to 4 high. Drove 10 feet and switched to 2 wh. Stuck in 4 low. switched several times. coasted in neutral back and forward. switched again...
What is it's purpose?
I've lost control of my heater/ac vents. The air flow is stuck on windshield defrost. The temperature control works fine as does the blower speed control. I just can't get heat to deflect to the floor or a/c to come...
I just had my check engine light checked at autozone and it said I had a problem with the range. What is the range?
My EATC turns on and can adjust blower speed, but the rest of the buttons don't work. None of them. Blows hot air only. Cannot run diagnostic test since buttons don't work.
I have coolant in the oil but engine is not smoking. Also have oil running out of the back of the engine. Could this be the head or intake gasket? Could the oil leak be from the gasket problem? Thanks
When I flip the switch for 4wd the light comes on but 4wd will not engage what is wrong
the car is a 1989 s 10 blazer. left side motor mount needs replacing. the car has 4 wheel drive automatic transmission and air conditioning
just had my battery replaced, also few months ago the kia would just quit on me middle of driving, kia dealers were baffled at problem, they changed fuel pump,and something else... it stopped again, another kia dealer...
i have a manual transmission and i was wondering how i could fix first gear.? and why this could have worn out. it only has 127000 miles and we just replaced the master and slave cylinder. and the clutch system.