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Aside from seeking second opinion at another shop, is there a way to discern legitimate recommendation for alignment vs. money making scam?

Thanks so much for your help.

i already have old one out just dont know what kind it is

Drawing details would be appreciated.


I did replace the tie rod ends but does not seem to help

can't find the shrader valve to charge the ac

will start and idle fine blows some smoke from exust/at times difficult to start at times it seems to have starter problems then it will start without issues at times

cable off to reset computer and was told to drive it for a while i did for two weeks took it back to deq and same thing happens still reads unready 97211

what could be wrong with it

smell of gas and 2inches of gas in the spare tire space in the trunk, afraid to drive it. what could this be?

i received a card in the mail for it years back. I sent the card back, but never got a response.

code po404 is on trying to location of egr valve

For whatever reason both the power windows and the stereo quit working at the same time. Steps taken to try and resolve the issue:

Change stereo decks
change wiring harness for stereo
changed relay for power windows
disconnected stereo and windows continue to work at random times

Please help

Truck died while at stop light. No spark to plugs and didn't have power on any wire I tested. I have checked fuses and replaced all relays.

Replace speed switch, relay, and resistor