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Codes are:
p0606,p0123,p0118,p0113,p0121, & p0236 Need to know what can be fixed that wont break the bank any ideas are welcome thank you for all your time.

car engine acts up goin slow,then fast.rpms starts roaring,car starts,then dies. car works fine for awhile but than the car starts to pump while driving as if i have it in neutral and then it feels like it shifts down to 2 or 3 gear when going 55mph check transmission fluid just fine.and im not sure but my water pump is going to can that affect anything?

Stopped for maybe a day and started again. Constant annoying. Chirping
Just bought it from dealership used. Any help? Thanks

My car keeps dying and not starting from one day to the next.
Replaced battery, had them re-program the electrical, now they say I need a new body control module.

My truk rolls when it is in the park gear.

I cant get that nut to turn

Labor Day weekend my car started over heating, while trying to take it to my mom's the fan and shroud exploded. We had it towed to mom's. We tore it down and found that the water pump had gone out. On October 27 we put a new pump and thermostat in it. I drove it almost everyday til December 8 then it started getting hot again. I limped it home where we waited til tax money came to try fixing it again. We tore it down again, had the radiator tested(it was great), we flushed the system and removed the thermostat completely. Then we took out the water pump and noticed it didn't move. So I returned the bad one and got the new one, we put it on and I drove it to work today, 2-16-12. It ran great, then on way home it started to get hot, the top hose it hard to squeeze and the top is easy to squeeze. Once we had it cooled my husband had me hold my hand over water resivoir while she was running, it kind of sucked on my hand

Intermittent inability to start engine, initially thought to be in the ignition/key fitting

not on an they do not have markings on cam?

Has fuel Np pulse on E5-11 and E5-13

The car only has this problem I have changed the clutch and pressure plate myself. I know how to work on most problems but never tackled a transmisson problem. The garage says 1200 to $1400 is it worth the money to have it fixed

My truck has 180,000 miles ,but runs like a top.It will cutoff without warning than starts backup acouple minutes later and runs great for about a hour.

took to the shop and they unhooked the driver door latch and the rear latch and still nothing.


This car ran fine before it was ran out of gas, it will start but it sounds like it is miss firing and will die out even if the gas pedal is held to the floor. I have replaced the fuel filter but am unsure where to look next. Any advice would be appreciated.