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i have to move the shift lever to get it to start
hot air blows out of the passenger side vents and I do not have dual a/c controls. What can cause this to happen.
The dealership wants $700 to fix this. Right now I have to enter the car from the passenger side and crawl over to the driver's side. I have read that the door panel has to be removed and the door needs to be open to do this.
My 2000 Dodge Diesel 2500 4x4, started using alot of fuel. I use to get 20 to 23 mile to gallon. 18 pulling. About 7 years ago it started using alot of fuel. Getting 15. And 10 pulling. Its been in the shop 3 times for this and I was told it was fixed. I have put $8000.00 in that motor and it is still the same. Could you please help with answers. Thanks ga
This only happens when i accelerate.what could this possibly be??
Always blows defroster and feet no matter what the setting
problem starts when i have a/c on for about 20 minutes
Honda civic dx 2dr coupe...can inner be replaced w/o the outer
Could this just be a blown fuse or something more major? If this is the problem where can I find it?
From what I understand the rear axle is still good, wheel bearings are fine, what replacement parts would be needed???
I bought a 98 malibu which ran great, new battery, new front strut assemblies and a 2.4 engine with automatic tranny. IN JAN 2012
I knew it needed a brake line and drove it home 16 miles on the e brake without a problem.
long story short I registered the car and decided that all the brake lines and fuel lines were to be replaced. The rear spring was broken so grabbed a pair from a near by bone yard.
Since the 10 day NYS temp sticker was expired (by 5 months) we used a flatbed to get the car to the inspection station this morning. Picked it up and went to a local store about 6 miles, low oil pressure light came on idling in the parking lot, when the gas pedal was pressed it went off. Then got it back home ( 1 mile)and when we went to swap out cars in the driveway lost forward gears ( reverse works fine but all forward gears feel like they slip but move the car)..could it be sensor issues from disconnecting and removing the battery? have to drive it 75 miles for the computer to be ready and pass the emission part of the inspection.
I bought this car for my wife originally, but having second thoughts. any input or thoughts would be appreciated. I have worked on alot of older cars when I owned my shop from 1995 - 2002 kinda stumped with this one.


Went out this morning started it up reverse worked forward worked. When it got up to temp forward would hesitate then engage after a second and go. I'm still thinking sensor
My tacoma is trd package,tire pressure,poeple are saying,32lbs,the mechanic tell me,36 t0 38 lbs. I have 16" rims. Could you,please tell me the guide line for my truck tire pressure.
After it starts it seems to run ok. Also when we turn on the air it seems to shake a little bit and then the engine runs a little hotter so we dont turn it on.
put stop leak in but it didn't work