the door locks also with the key have quit

start car and you smell gas also

seem to have some type of catch but unsure how it works

I have noticed the Idle is below 1000RPM / around 850 to 900 RPM. Could this be do to a dirty Idle control valve and have recently read that it can be cleaned with a spray cleaner. Where exactly is it located and do you have any pictures of a step by step to do this ?

I use white grease on the window strap that raises and lowers the two front windows, and every winter I have to regrease them. I s there anything better? I was thinking of trying silcone spray!

car does not stay on after putting gas &idle goes up&dowm put ftp sensor &a canister furge solenoid still having problem

It is not the typical canister.

I have a 1997 accord and it had a problem with starting up and i was told it was the alternantor not charghing the battery. so i bought a new one about a week ago and had it installed. I didnt drive the car because it still had a heating problem that i recently corrected.so i took it out fir a spin yesterday and it was fine untill i went out latter in the night and came back to a car that wouldnt start. Now Im being told that the alternantor is the problem again how can this be and its a brand new 1. Could it be that even after i turn off the engine the cooling fan still runs. i need sum serious help imma single mom n tryna get this dun on my own. What else cud be wrong. there seems to be alot of wires bout the place

Got engine apart found broken connecting rod.Now I can not find a connecting rod any ideas,I found some that say gm 3800 3.8 v6.also says mfi K is that same as mine.Seems all is same but does not say for firebird.

i just replaced my rear rotors and brake pads on my 68,000 miles aura xl,i was confuse on how to push the piston back so i could finish the job
and i read from someone that you screw them in clockwise, yes i use a channel lock 6 inches,open the jaw,crack the bleeder fitting,and carefully screw the piston back clockwise,get your clearance and reinstall

my car has a manual transmission and i just replaced the safety switch under the clutch and it still wont start what else could my problem be

I hear the fuel pump click when I turn the engine over. I figured I would just take the filter off and change it to see if that was it. Novice here... and I am broke as can be and honestly just want to sell the thing. I got the left clamp loose... the right clamp looks different than the left and no clamp to remove. Obviously don't want to put too much pressure and break the thing. How do i get that right side off?

Both lights were going off and on - now neither work. Is this fuse problem? Car is under warranty for Ignition Coil Assemblies and Engine Valve Cover Gaskets. Could this be related to this warranty condition?


I'm getting P2096 and P0420, should I have the CAT replaced or replace the 02 Sensor first to see if that clears problem, if sensor first, which one?

pin hole leak in tubing