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check engine light on. diagnostic check states tailpipe valve A, incorrect flow. Scav vehicle codes P0411 and P2440 traced to bad air solinoid.
I have 87 ford ranger 2wd 4cy 5 speed. 177000/ runs great most of the time. cut of while driving the other day, turns over but wont crank!! what could it be? already replaced coil...
Starting fine, running great, all of a sudden wouldnt start. Got code P0123 and have tried so many things, thought it was the plug that goes to the sensor but now feeling it isn't. Got engine to turn over by using starter fluid but ofcourse wont stay running, engine isn't getting it's own gas. I'm single Mom, out of work and can't afford to have a garage fix it. Please help with some ideas.. I've been told chances are slim that the sensor itself went bad so what else could it be? I read something about a switch on the gas petal but found nothing there. I've reset the computer and tried the fuse trick too still nothing. Engine turns over, starter is working just not getting gas.
ive changes the plugs and boots even the idle control valve on it now its saying find these p0113
The moment you turn the key the fuse blows. I checked everywhere I could and nothing helps. It also blows the fuse on my alarm.
i just had new seals placed in sensors and pumps
Just had it charged and still cycling or making the sound of cycling, sort of a whining vibration. What makes it do this?
have a presure leak in the intake coupling.
I have a temperture gauge that is reading almost HOT almost to the red. But when I lift the hood It's running OK and doesn't seam to be hot at all. I think its the sending unit or the gauge what would I check first and How
or major repair?
I replaced the manifold last week when cold its alittle hard to start when starting warm it revs up and down about 2000 rpm to almost dies then it runs great some times it work fine depends on how long between starts it was doing this befor i replaced manifold also replaced map sensor, egr, and idle control valve
To use left blinker, I have to slowly press down and hold the stick in the 'on' position. Often, it takes a few tries to get blinker to go on. Thanks
wiper arm cost to replace
When in level one and I want to go to level two it seams to take forever. It is the same on going up to any level.
Pump low pressure?? or leak in somewhere in piping?
What do you think is the obvious fault??
Someone mentioned suggested a pump relay.