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My truck blows cold air when the rpms are below 2000. The blower motor works. I tried changing the thermostat and that didnt fix it. Fluid levels are good. I dont understand what else it may be. Please help.

The car starts fine and uns good but idles rough. Whats could be wrong? Sensors or something? I changed out all the spark plugs and the distributor cap and rotor. The spark plug cables are new aswell. I took it guy and he put it on a hand held device that read two codes from check engine light.

No cooling is felt and it seems the compressor is not magneting. the compressor was recently changed and charged with R134. Can someone help me what the probable cause of the problem?


No warning lights on dash...

Haven't a clue where to start

I went to open the hatch and the handle popped and now it wont move, I think the rod snapped or the handle broke.It wont open from the inside either.

I want to know what it is if the reverse of Lexus 1993 ES300 dont work?? They told that it could be the linkage. And if it is how much could it be for those cars? And if is not what eles could it be and how much could it cost?

We have over 1180, miles on our equinox. Have had no problems with it. We have taken good care of it so far.
Just wondering if this is a start of problems, hope not....Thanks

Lexus Dealer retail price is $180 for each lift but there other lifts available on the internet for considerably less money. However, I have no way of knowing the difference in quality between the Lexus lift as compared to other aftermarket lifts. The lifts on the Lexus look pretty ordinary and I have replaced lifts on minivans over the years and they didn't look much different that the ones on the Lexus. Any comments?

I need the drive cycle informatoin so I can get the car to pass the smog. There is nothing wrong with it, other than the computer does not know what it needs to do. I know it is a series of things. Help please :-)

the camshaft got hooked and thereby affected the valves and the timing chain needed replacement

The car is from Maine and the repair people said the pump was leaking so replaced it. Since then I had had a lot of noise when making turns which I never had before. I took it back but they say the pump is working properly. I noticed a response regarding a TSB to replace the fluid with a cold weather fluid. It is winter here but it fairly warm with tempertures in the 40's. Why does this fuild work better?

is there a recall on thermostat housing on 2002 dicovery

when I step on the gas it takes a while for the car to go fast

I pulled back the liner in the trunk and removed the two nuts. What needs to be done next?