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what can the problem be, maybe the latch,maybe the cable only,and do any one know ,is this a difficult job to repair it by your self?
Any feedback will be appreceiated,Thankyou!
i am trying to find out is the the location of the injectors on ford e450 diesel 2005 ?
Four or five times in the last two months my 2001 buick will not start on the first try, but will start on the second try.
There is no noise on the first try.On the second try it starts normal. Does this indicate that it may not start at all some time in the future? What do I do to fix it? The battery is two years old.
Thank you,
Phil Morey
and how do i fix the bcm
I can get it un bolted but need to know what else I need to take off so i can get it out. What's the easiest way?
after starts back up i have to keep foot on the pedal so it wont die timing chain was put on,have spark have fuel pressure checked egr valve truck started doing this after my girl friend over heated the truck on the way home from work.when truck is cold it runs great only have this problem after it warms up all sesors seem to be ok any helpfull info would be appreciated thanks
changed the engine and harness what all do we need to check when replacing engine for as electrical
I put a new egr valve on my car about two months ago and my check engine light is still on. can someone please give me some different options and details i can check so that i can pass my emmissions test. i only have 3 more days until my sticker expires and i dont want any tickets. pls help..
the oil leak was about 16" x 12" and when I touched it smelled like gas and this is it's first incident. don't know what to do any advise will be appreciated.
The leak was about 16" x 12" wide in oil i stuck my finger down to touck it and it smelled like gas but i knew it was oil because it was colored in black and this was it's first time happening
it has 92000 miles and all highway miles but very loud and embarrasing when i start it. can shut it off and restart it and doesnt make the noise
Hi my name is Dave Tetrault and I am looking for the Body Control Module (BCM)to gain control over my vehicle again can you help me please.
Sometime when I have backing up or going forward and turning, my traction light comes on and I hear a sounds as if my tires are dragging.
just looking for the dlc connector for a 94 chrysler lebaron with a 3.0L engine