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I have been using 5w-30 oil and changing the oil every 3,000 miles. I drive approximately 13,000 miles every year. Am I changing the oil too often?

When I'm pumping gas sometimes it stops like if it has a full tank of gas. If I'm not holding the gas pump it will sometimes splash out. what could this be? I have not had it check out yet.

two weeks ago fine replaced belt for engine >disconnected battery >now Im getting hot air with cold air from the front vents. Can I replace this part myself? Or is it a code thing?

the indicator light comes on when the on button is pushed, but no control. which is most likley to fail the speed senser or the throttle control?

the car is leaking brake fluid from the two lines from the back and i can't drive the car unless this is fix. i was just wondering if i can replace the two line myself and how much will it cost me to replace

the car is leaking brake fluid from the two lines from the back and i can't drive the car unless this is fix. i was just wondering if i can replace the two line myself and how much will it cost me to replace

Where is charcaol cannister located 21146


My car seems to shudder or hesitate from time to time, mostly at higher speeds. Dealer checked transmission and throttle computer settings and found nothing wrong. Feels like brakes are engaging for a split second and then releasing.

Air Condition Expansion Valve

2001 Cadillac Deville. Has air pocket in heater core. Was running hot we installed waterpump, thermostat, and radiator cap, had problem getting air out of system but thought we did, car not running hot but hear water sloushing in heater core. will this harm core/ Need to bleed if anyone can help us with advice. Thank you.

Ok I bought this 1992 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder automatic 2.2L the lady I had bought it from had it smog in October of 2011.It had Failed Cause fuel cap,missing vacuum lines to sensor/switches ignition timing:B16 and system malfunction light every thing else passed including G pol. Now I'm in the process of transferring the car to me. DMV says to fix the repairs that were required on the smog she had done, the repairs were timing,fuel cap,Vac line missing from air intake boot and M/C- Lamp On. I took care of the repairs took it to a test only center as required.the over all results were failed cause Exceeded the Gross Poullter Limits. Now what I'm wondering when she had got it smog I was looking at the ASM Emission Test Results.on where the CO(%) there are three boxes one with Max, and so on ok where it says MEASURE it shows a reading of 0.26 and under that it reads 0.17 and the area of Gpol it shows pass with reading 554 /511 177/155 and meas reads 0296/0052 pass pass Now for the reason I'm asking by detail is on my It shows fail ignition timing:B19 and for G Pol. Now on where it shows CO(%) the Max reads 0.52/0.43 the same as her smog and hers it shows( Ave )with reading 0.19/0.14 and for (Meas) on hers it shows 0.26/0.17. Well the Meas reading on my smog read 0.00/0.00. Which means if I'm correct it could be a bad fuel filter,fuel pump could be going bad I'm not mechicanaly knowlagable sorry for sounding a little blunt to whom my help me with my question and last the G Pol reading shows on hers (Max)554/511)(Ave) 177/155) And( Meas) hers reads 0296/0052 with results Pass/Pass ok now my results (Max)of 554/511(GP)of1992/1792 And (Meas) of 4037/3834 results for my smog Fail G Pol/ G Pol. So some one said I should start with the EGR valve would some one help me with this problem so I can have it retest and pass the inspection . Thank you sign zmagnum31.

I bought this car the 1992 Toyota Camry it had been smog on 3-27-12 it failed cause timing,Fuelcap,VacLine missing from air intake boot and last M/C- Lamp on overall test results Tamper comprehensive Visual Inspection:Tamper. Functional Check:Fail. And Emission Test: G Pol. Overall test results -Gpol can you help me with this problem.what might be the solution for it to pass the retest.

I have 1997 mers. E320. Transmission runs only 1 gear, doesn't changing at all, I checked and got those codes P0743, P0753, P0763 and P0758 which parts I have to changed first it maybe only from one part, can anybody tell me how to fix, and from where to start? I read that some times if you repleace one other codes will go away, can somebody help me what to do, I really appreciate thank you!

tip of the trans a lot of oil or mite of been trans fluid..pord out,the lil arm in the trans is cracked it conects to the outer arm of the has a crazy looking screw .what tool do i use?AND WERE DO I GET IT ? PLEAS HELP