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I recently had a flat tire. I changed the tire,now I can feel the car vibrating especially at higher speeds. I had no issues prior to the tire change. I checked to make sure that all the tires were the same size and sure enough all four say 170/225/r14. Trying not to drive but this is my only vehicle and i need it to get back and forth to work. This vibrates only when driving cannot feel anything when stopped
The engine stops at the stop sign. You can start it again, but the engine will die down in a short distance and you can restart again and it will run another short distance then dies and can not be started again. Is this a fuel pump problem or fuel filter problem or fuel pump relay problem?
any help? thanks
Gas smell on my sl500 2003 after changing Valve cover gasket any ideas
Reservoir is half empty soon after filling. Pump is ok. I do not know where it is leaking.
together. I have twisted in all directions and pulled, any suggestions would a pry bar work do you break the tops off the plugs which I prefer not to do
there is no dipstick
I know the tank has to be dropped, Do I need any special tool to remove the pump or get it loose?
where can I buy the relay? is it the light green one in the fuse box?
Suddenly, a few weeks ago, my automatic door locks stopped working - I must lock and unlock each door manually. And the dashboard constantly indicates my parking/emergency brake is engaged, even when I'm driving and it is 100% clear that it's not. Any idea what's going on? And is this going to cost me an arm and a leg to get repaired?
Ignore the veh listed. Need FRH's for oil pump & starter, as independent jobs, on 76 Eldorado, a/t, a/c, 8.0L. Thanks.
Our 2006 Taurus has a strange issue that is occurring more often as time goes on. Sometimes when trying to start it it won't start and when that happens the gages (speedometer and tachometer) "jump" as if they are trying to go to the position in which they are supposed to be but are stuck or something. When this happens there is a sort of clicking from under the dash.

Th wiring harness to the Sony CDXGT56UI CD Receiver is differnt from my Delco electronic radio.
I have a 99 cadillac seville that has been having some serious issues. I recently had a new/used engine dropped in the car, a majority of the parts from the old engine were put on the current motor. I had severe misfires (PCM P0300). I changed the spark plugs, replaced all the coils, replaced the ICM and still have the misfire. It runs better yet there a rough idle. A week ago the car stopped while driving and I needed a jump to get back going. I had the battery tested and it was ok but the problem persists. I checked codes again and along with the PCM P0300 I get a PCM P0151. I know the 0151 is a overheated o2 sensor and I wanted to know if that would cause the car to cut off while driving (not to mention the jerking). Any ideas
I'm getting a P0128 CODE on my Trailblazer. It is caused by a defective temperature sensor or thermostat. Where are these items located?