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How can you tell if they need replacing, even at 150,000 miles?
Exactly what was wrong with my 05 impala after changing the transmission fluid at 75,000 miles. No one could figure it out and no one would listen to me since I am a girl. I had the exact same problem with my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. I finally found a transmission guy who would listen to me...changed the solenoid...problem fixed! He asked me how I knew what it was...I told him I had that problem before. He thanked me because he had the same problem with another of his clients' vehicles and couldn't figure it out. Ha! We aren't all oblivious at everything carwise!
My car is stuck in park and I can't free it. I tried pressing the pink lock release under my console panel and that didn't work.
with the motor running I pulled the window up into place.
would this be the regulator or the motor failing?
I've already replaced the connector, and this
element looking thing that sticks inside the
black box under the dash on passenger side of truck! Just the other day I started smelling a burning smell again, and I reached over, and the wires are burning again! I just got it fixed about 6 months ago, so I'm unable to use air conditioner once again! Also ever since I've had the truck it holds a massive amount of water under the carpet in the passenger side floorboard! I've dried it
out several times, but keeps coming back! I wish I could afford to take it to a shop, but having a disabled daughter that requires alot of seizure medication, and frequent doctor appointments my financial situation doesn't give me that privalage! If anyone can offer some advice I would be greatly.
Thankful! Thanks, and God Bless! DennisGA

It is visible and has a slight Oder to it. It first noticed it happening when the hi setting on the fan control stopped working.
I want more power to the front brakes, especially when towing. I used to have more power than I now have. There is no air in the lines. I have been to the Chevy dealer and have the module print and all it shows replaceble are o-rings and does not show any way to change bias. The ABS lights work but are not on. Pedal pressure does not increase breaking power after a certain point and I still have pedal. The pedal is not spongy. It has need pads and rotos from Napa (best quality).
Where is the location of the cabin air filter for a saturn sc1
can you recommend someone that repairs these cylinders
or even when i try to slowdown. then i have to restart it again on N.

thanks in advance.
With key on I've checked for fire nothing on both sides of coil what's next
relay.and how hard is it to replace
previous owner had the whole console taken apart and shifter too
The faster I'm traveling and I apply the brakes the more it shakes.
I changed the plugs and wires. It isn't showing trouble codes. I use 89 octane am I missing something?