How to change the brake ligh switch

The engine light came on and the code was for the PCM. The car still runs. Should I replace it now or wait?

When i pull one of the sunvisors down the steering wheel goes up and the stereo goes off. If i put the sunvisor up the stereo comes on and the steering wheel goes back down. In the last couple days the steering wheel has started going up and then back down while driving. I'm not touching anything that is causing this. Has anyone seen this? The car is a 1998 740I

98k miles
no noise while idling & picking up speed
noise feels like coming from the windows or windshield in slow speed
noise seems like the a metal coin in a glass cup

all fluids are ok. unhooked battery cables held together for 10 sec but didnt reset module. what else can i do?

When I start the car the fans come on within a almost right away and they don't turn off till the engine cools off.

Also, what do I need to get done if I am approaching 100,000 miles on my car?

The check engine light was on in my Camry. Took it to a transmission place and the recommendation was to have the solenoid pack replaced - which may or may not resolve the issue. They also gave me an estimate of $600 to get the solenoid pack replaced.

Are the estimates around market rate? I do not want to go through the hassle of getting it replaced only to find out that the whole transmission needs a rebuild...

Many thanks in advance

How much will it cost to have someone fix the problem

the cable for the hood came loose so now i can not open the hood

82600 miles in good condition/check engine light on

my van starts fine and runs normal at first. WHile I am driving it down the road it will suddenly stall out. When I try to restart my van it sounds like it isnt getting fire and of course wont start. I can let it sit for a short time, almost time to cool it down then it will start and do the same thing over and over again.

after changin my oil how do i reset the oil tracking light

makes a clicking sound cant be battery just was replaced

The driver side seat will only lock into place if it is completely forward or completely back on the bracket. What can I do to fix this problem?