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the pulley of my 2005 c-240 mercedes benz fell do you need to replace the whole compressor?

I've taken the left front wheel off and removed inner plastic and still cant find it !!!

I took my car into the shop today after seeing a pretty good leak under my car. They checked it out and said all they could find was one of the clamps had vibrated loose? I've never heard of that before. Is this common on older cars? Should I have the hoses and clamps all replaced or just keep an eye on it to see if it does it again?

I recently had my front struts and front strut mounts replaced. Repair (with a 114.00 diagnostic charge) cost ~1500.00. Did I pay too much?

P0700 seems to be a transaxle control system fault. There are 2 subcodes; one for a short or open circuit the other a control module failure. P0158 is a circuit condition; printout of fault says (heated oxygen sensor bank aa2 sendor 2). The subcode (aa2), if reading it right, says system running rice or lean - check other codes first.

Have not had transmission fluid changed since buying the car. The car now has 90,000 miles on it. Mechanic says the oil is brown (somewhat dirty) but not black. I've heard that a flush could be dangerous to the transmission when the oil is dark, but that a regular drain and refill will still leave a lot of the old tranny fluid in the transmission since the drain and refill does not get all of the old fluid out. What to do? Get flush or just drain and refill?

Tried to enter vechile with remote and could not open doors, use key to enter and started vechile and hit door unlock no response. Tried to roll down windows no reponse. Something broke in the harness or the switch in the door. Had it fixed 2 times already :(

Just had my rear main seal replaced because of an oil leak. Should my mechanic have changed the oil while doing this job?

shifter will not move from park

It has a vacuum hose running from the intake manifold to a valve or swicth of somekind at the pressure hose connection on the pump and another hose running from the same valve to the intake filter tube,i cant find info on what it is .Old pump quit working,so i replaced it and the new one doesnt work either.Could this valve be causing it?

every so often it will sound for 30 or 40 seconds while driving down the road.

When I start it up, drive over 25 but below 50 and especially when I am in a curve or turn it makes this hollow ratteling sound like something is knocking underneath the car. There is no shaking of the car at all. Just the sound.

to watch out for?

recently had a timing valve replaced and 5 coils. Oil level got real low before it was fixed.

I replaced the key switch and it still does the same.
Have to pull the coil wire off to stop rhe engine and disconnect the battery.