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When the engine is cold, it runs rough and hesitates when accelerating. After about 15 min. of driving it keeps getting better and eventually is pretty normal. The plugs, wires and coil have been replaced. There are n...
Apparently somebody tried to break into my car last night. The door lock/handle is damaged and needs to be replaced. Wondering how many arms and legs it'll cost me. Thanks! Tony
I am not able turn the ignition key towards the ACC position, otherwise the ignition lock works fine. Have the same problem on a spare steering column for my '72 Buick Riviera. A common problem!?
The power seats (both) on my motorhome are not working. I was told circuit breaker needed to be replaced its 25amp. Bought circuit breaker at autozone however they did not have 25amp so i got 30amp. Installed it and i...
this sprinter won't start. acts like the ecm is shitting down. no high pressure from the high pressure pump. there is no injection pulse at the injectors when checked with a noid light. i can only access global ob...
when starting and shifting in to drive gear stuck in reverse and the lever is in the lock position and wont move how do i fix this?
where can i find a diagram of front suspension and steering
I can't shift out of park when it is cold. The ACC trick does not work either. When it warms up to 45 or higher it works fine. I'm wondering if there is a linkage that needs to be lubricated?
I have a hissing sound ,are air leak sound when driving it sound like it is under the hood.Every tenth of a mile it sounds
what's causing my rear tires to wear on the insde treads?I have had an alighnment.
My tail light brake lights do not work, yet the spoiler (trunk)light works when the brake are put on. It use to be intermittent, but now it is constant. Every now and then playing with the sensor on the brake pedal ma...
I have a 2000 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The other day, The horn started sounding going down the hiway, Made a left turn and it stopped. When turned the wheel to straighten the car and park it the horn started ...
About once a month, after I fill my truck with gas, when I come to an intersection, the truck kills. What could cause this?
My horn and radio went out at the same time.When it first happened they would come in and out now they dont work at all.I replaced the horn relay but that didn't appears to be an electrical short.
the clock above my rear view mirror is blank, is there a fuse for this ?