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I can use the finger paddles and smoothly shift...i need to be sure the gear has wound down and it shifts smoothly...and automatically i also need to make sure the rpm's are down to allow it to go from 2-3 and then it shifts but also bucks a bit. If it were really the transmission it makes sense that it should not shift even manually? Could it be something like the drive selector module? Is that a computer part? Is it worth flushing fluid?

The car stoped on the move after scanning we got this code p0322, then we changed the sensor at the down side of the engine block and latter changed the ECU still the same, we even check the wires but we couldnt get any reasonable resault, please help, quick respond will be highly appriciated, thanks.

If I get a squeaking noise as I drive over road imperfections,even fairly mild ones, or from applying my weight on and off the right fender,should I assume that it is a worn strut? Can worn struts make such a noise when they go up and down? The car has high mileage,173k,yet feels snug enough as I drive,no float.The car has new ball joints and tie rod ends.Thank you.

this is first time this happened and it occurred after we had problem closing the trunk. trunk wouldn't close properly, latch was stuck, so the battery died and we needed to jump start the car.

getting a overhaul have kuhmos now ,,any suggestions on something better ? hows the firestone firehawk indy 500 ?? would apprieacte some feed back !! thanks guys !! 1998 z28 ls1 camaro .. please let me know soon if poss. thanks !~!! rob

The engine was blown on my 300 it was been removed from the car and sent to a machine shop to be rebuilted, how much should i expect to have to pay someone to put the engine back in the car and hook everything back up to where its aspost to?

need to replace heater core

My wife's brake light are staying on. I've check several fuses, and now her driver window won't go back up and the others don't work. Also her mirros don't work either. She is not happy we have a plastic bag over her window. I need help! Replacing the center console is possible but how hard is that?? And any ideas about the brake lights? That was the only problem but now I have several problems. Could it be as simple as a fuse?

No headlights, domelight,radio, dashlights, etc. There is absolutley nothing happening.


if so how do i identify it? or do the overdrive transmission kicks in automatically without pressing a button. What does these buttons means W/S on the console of the s320 1997?

the car been sitting about 2 years i just tuned it up when the car is park an the car is idoling i step on the gas the motor reves up then it hesitate then it go's a little higher then stops so every time you step on the gas it will keep doing the same thing,put the car in gear,step on the gas an the car will only go up to 40 mph.

I have 226,000 miles on it. It is still running good but it cant last. I have just replaced the transmission.


My check engine light is on my dash, and my car stalls out if I'm driving more than 30min. I got a code for small evap leek, and I cant find the vapor can to trace the hoses. any help or suggestions?