I have a 2001 ford windstar and whenever I try to load a cd it reads error and the mouth won't open for the cd to load. I recently purchased this vehicle from an individual and they didn't know what was wrong as well. The radio plays fine as well as the vhs tv. I can't do anything with the cd player. When i hit the load button it asks me to select a slot and when I select a slot it reads cd error, and I've tried all six slots.

I want to avoid damage to the ABS unit and the sensor wire that are close to the inside of the front tires. I had my mechanic fit a SCC Z-6 cable chain for the 215x55r17 tires and they were within 1/8 of an inch of the wire. With some flexing the cable may rub on the wire. This is with the outside chain tighteners on. I need some chains for mountain driving when they require them over the passes. Thank You.

Randomly but mostly when driving at slow speeds or during uphill travels. It also sounds like a reverbance sound from the drive shaft. Dealer said other XK Coupe models have been known to make same sound, but the sound doesn't sound natural. Please help

I currently have a leak on my hose, but I cant replace it yet, I'm sure my shocks are gone too. The car has 300,000 miles , but I just had the motor redone.

2006 Honda civic coupe does not have an external trunk lock & inside lever does not open either. I can hear trunk try to open when I use the remote.

i got a new key and i want togrt it to work how do you progem the key

the filters are little square filters

I just got the car and dont know much about it but what would make the wheel wooble and what is the fix, thanks

this has happened about twice in the past year the second time just a month-to- two months ago I have not located a resevoir for fluid and according to the manual diagram for this engine, it does'nt show one to put fluid in

Just starting showing up on the screen on my dashboard when I turn on engine.

without warning, my husband was driving car home and gauge went over to red area and steam came from engine. He put more coollant in it and attempted to get home . He did not make it. We had to have towed. He stated there was some fluid on ground after he stopped car. Does it sound like a hose or maybe the thermostat? He smelled antifreeze once stopped car and opened the door to get out. Waiting to hear from mechanic. thanks

One mechanic told me not to if they r not leaking and if I did they would start to leak.

Engine light came on while driving. Just had a tune up and replaced the ignition coil with a used one.

The Vehicle came up with the error after a Gasket repair

car was making whistling noise when it was cold and then started doing it all the it runs hot with the same noise on a short distance