Had the egr valve and sensors replaced, as well as the coil and spark plugs.


I'd like to get 2 separate amounts. 1for how much labor I should pay to replace the engine's cooling fan. The second, I have a broken motor mount that needs to be replaced and have been given outrageous estimates. Thank you!

i have a broken hose that comes from a bundle leading too the top of my air pump. i cannot find other end of hose or a place where it should have hooked up too.. its a small hose leading too the firewall, connected too a plastic nipple from a bundle of wires and hoses that lead too the top of the air pump. i have had a check engine light ever since hose broke, and i am running rich. does anyone know where this hose leads too? thanks..

is the alternater bad and did anything bad happen to the car when the belt broke like bent valves etc. or is this a simple fix. Iam looking at buying this car the way it is and not sure what to do

Checked all fuses, pulled dash covers to check wiring. Am afraid to take car apart any further without an idea what to look for. Screen flickering on for a second once in a while seems to indicate interruption in power or maybe a ground issue. CD player will not open either.

a mechanic change the car oil and told me i have a leak in the oil cooler system is not coming from the motor oil filter area my tribeca only have 35,ooo mile i want to know if is cover under warranty

leaking steerin fluid from left boot. think it is only the seal on pinion and rack is ok. no problems while driving it just leaks

I have a 2001 grand am se1. I recently change the shifter since the shifter would not snap properly into reverse. Now I noticed that the key comes out, when the card is parked, in any gear. Please help. I know this will help if I park my car uphill but I want it to be the was it was made stock. Is there a fuse that is blown?? I want the key to be pulled out only in reverse, and not otherwise.. any idea why this is happening??

we look at the brakes to make sure they wernt stuck

If you pull the sensor line mentioned above it will run but the car seems to run rich poring out black smoke

2.4 cylinder engine. Engine has been using water for a while.

The seat adjustment to recline down worked (obviously) but it won't come back up.

I changed the bulbs, and checked the fuses and changed the brake light switch