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Dashboard is separating by front windshield, needs adhesive applied where vinyl attaches to metal. How do you remove the vinyl part in order to apply the adhesive?
my open door warning goes off constantly, even though no doors open. Can I deactivate it?
how does water get into number 2 cyl?
my EGR valve is broken stuck open(ides rough). I dont know if that has anything to do with it. When I put it in reverse the rpms are REALLY low and when I take my foot off the brake it will reverse but then stall. I t...
gas gauge goes from full to feul light on with 3/4 tank of gas
the CEL comes on only after I gas up. I installed a new Toyota gas cap. Still happens. Getting tired of resetting the computer. Ed
chrysler town and country (mgf 9-98).NO park or neutral and unable to start?Manual location outside transmission?Not showing in the car?Need location and service.All fuse Ok?
how to take out dome lite
Heater blower fan only works on high replaced the switch and same thing happens any thoughts
changed the spark plugs now have a fuel leak in metal rod how do you fix this
my check engine light came on. the mechanic says i need a new engine. how likely is this to be the case on a vehicle that has 112,000 miles?
If you have a leak at the compressor do you have to change it out or can you have this repaired.
The brake light on the dash will come on then go off while driving. When parked I put on the emergency brake and released several times to see if it was sticking, didn't make any difference.
The radio has stopped working and there is an image of a key highlighted on the right side of the radio. The display reads "sec" and nothing works. Is there somewhere I can look on the car for the security key? Is it ...