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replaced cam sensor and still same problem code says IAT sensor but i can't find it on the car any help please and thank you.
I need to replace the relay in the firewall to fix the air conditioner.There are 7 relays. Which relay is for air conditioner? Thanks
was working fine then blew fuse for the motor blower, changed fuse and the compresser stop working,
What do you mean tgat the Question details must be at least 10 characters long?
Battery was dead, jumped car. Runs and starts fine. When you put it in reverse the speedometer quits working tachometer works, fuel gauge doesn't work. Odometer is blank. ABS light comes on as well as Traction Control light. Power steering seems to quit. Status reads "engine sensor data error". Took it to O'Reilleys no codes. Took it to local dealer they have had it for a week and say it's electrical and they can't find it. They tell me the error message means nothing. I've been searching the intranet and find nothing that's a fix. Can someone please help? These errors and lights only happen when you put it in reverse. In park car runs perfect.
all 4 are bad
how much to replace 3-way coolant valve and do inverter coolant service
Could this something besides the bushing/bearing
the fitting on the compreesser is larger then my fitting to fill the ac
When the light is on it says ESP system inoperable, the car rides like a log wagon, feels like there is no shocks and or struts. Do you know what might be the problem and is it an easy fix?
fluid was checked in the tank and that is full. when i am driving the car it goes from 40 to about 100. than I need to put the heat on to bring down the temp. Sometimes it almost goes to 120 near the orange. What can be causing this?
Bright headlights work; both of the regular beams/lights went out at the same time.
Can this be true?
where is the location of the fuel filter in a 2002 dodge neon
The car drives smoothly and there is no error/fault that appears. There has never been a noise like this before.

thank you