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Had no prior problems, left the key on during a lightning storm, went to start and not a sound. Checked battery and connections all good. Not a click or anything when trying to start. Truck runs good after bump starting, everything works. Starter new 2009.
My plastic reservoir is full, when I drive for 10 min I get the eng light on.. Is it the water pump or radiator that needs replacing.. Also I have to put anifreeze in every week
Took car to dealer because I had a small leak and I noticed car seemed to be shifting a little rough. They told me the adapter housing gasket was BIG job and it would be almost $300 of the total. The pressure control solenoid had to be replaced immediately or transmission could fail--pricetag of $700. They're supposed to be sending codes but haven't seen them yet. Are they taking advantage of my lack of knowledge?
It will either start surging or stall immediately at operating temperature. It was able to keep it running while holding lightly on the throttle. It has plenty of power while running. The fuel pressure is 48psi with swith on and 42 while engine is running. I have already changed cam and crank sensors. The car is not storing and codes, but occasionally the service engine soon, trac off, and anti-lock lights all light up at once. I would appreciate and help that I can get. Thank you.
sitting in traffic and ac started turning warm air and then alarms sounded that engine was overheating. shut the ac off and the engine went back to normal temps. Had the vehicle year and a half and this never happened before.
Put key in transmission interlock put foot on brake and shift between park and neutral several times vehicle will start after doing that a number of it an interlock problem? car has 106k on it Cost to repair? vehicle in great condition
happens often when outside temperature is above 95 degrees. sometimes it comes on at a low speed but will not switch to a higher speed. Air conditioner works fine when fan decides to work. usually works for a while in the morning or when the car has been off for an hour or two.
My parents are planning to give me their 98 Honda Accord, and they just bought a new one. Yesterday when they turned on the A/C in the 98 Accord and drove it the engine temp went way above normal. Their mechanic is now replacing the radiator. Is this normal for an Accord at 138,000? Otherwise my parents have fully maintained the car. Just wondering how many more repairs are going to be needed.
I have spent over $1000 chasing this BAS light issue.. I had about 6 brake switch lights & 1 brake booster replaced ...The benz dealership told me it was the Brake light issue & replaced it..Light came on again & I brought it back & told me light was faulty & replaced it free..Light came on again & i brought it back & was told me they will have to charge me to dig deeper into issue & said its still the brake light..Light came on again & I took car to another certified benz tech (no charge) & was told diagnostic codes are still reading brake light & to take it back to benz & I did to only be told that if the codes comes back different I will be charged & they(benz dealership) are the only ones with correct codes.. I was again charged & was then told we will replace the brake light switch again but it now MAY be your brake valcum pump at around $2000.00.. I asked them are you sure and was told if the light comes on again then yes... I took my car back to the authorized benz tech and he did some research & was told via a friend at a dealership that some new brake codes came out for switch light.. He switched it out and for about 4mos no BAS light but it's BACK again.. Anyone have a clue what the issue is or how to solve it without breaking my bank ?? Thanks a bunch
My oil pressure gauge floats back and forth. Oil level is OK
Got one with wire harness with same fuse and relay layout however the wire'ing is different. How do you remove wires and add wires to the Power Distribution Box terminals and where can I get wire schematics.HELP
My car is automatic and manual and sometimes the car change form automatic transmission to manual transmission and start shifting from 2 to 1 or from 1 to 2 shift and sometimes the shift from Neutral to Reverse take long to shift.
we use to hear the punp running for a minute or so when you first started it up, Ive checked for blown fuses in all the regular places. We can't drive it because the body of the SUV is sitting on the tires. Also can not find a replacenent pump,if in fact that is the problem.
i plan on keeping it for a while
The lights on the left side of the steering wheel have stopped working. Has anyone experienced this? More important has anyone fixed this problem themselves? Thank you in advance.