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Hoping to avoid service department visit, but not sure where else to go with this at this point...

Had SEVERE pothole strike at about 70mph few days ago, no flats as a result. Lights did not come on, that I am aware of, until after vehicle sat all day & then started to go home from work. NO visible disconnects on front or rear wheels of the speed sensors (checked right side) as was area of the strike.

Is this still one of the most likely issues, the ABS wheel sensor? (think am praying it is this & that is a "relatively inexpensive fix,") as compared to a major electrical issue... would CRY. lol!

Thanks in advance for the help y'all!
I have a very low mileage 840CI (14,500 Miles). I believe I tripped something replacing both batteries in the trunk as the auto transmission will not go into forward or reverse.
Any way I can reset anything that I might have tripped?? Also, got Transmission Fail-Safe indication, but not getting that anymore. Radio will not accept code to reset either.
Have been looking in various places on the web and in a book but have not been able to find the answer. I am needing to know exactly where it is that the freon needs to be put into.
There's no compression to replace the freeon with. The fuses were also blown and when I replaced them, they blew again right on the spot, replaced them again just to see what happened, and so far the fuses have not blown. Any suggestions?
when i turn the key off on the ignition the engine sputters and makes a coughing sound then it shuts off
Had coolant bypass tube replaced too. Car shakes when up to about 60 mph, then it stops shaking, this is after work was done. Prior to work, engine light came on and car was not accelerating as normal. Coast off road, and had towed to a mechanic.
And how do you replace it.
Have went as far as to replace with a transmission from classy car parts in texas and after going through removal and installation still not moving all seals replaced on new transmission. What all proccess of ellimination things shall be done to get to the bottom of this issue so as may be able to again have reliable transportation for children and self?
passenger side high beam works as well as both low beams.
Any thougts as to the issue?
Changed the fluid and filter did not help
Dash lights also failing
This occurred off and on for a while, and eventually became preminant. The compressor seems to work fine and some cool air will blow from the lower and upper vents. There is also a strange "roaring" noise when the AC is on and the accelerator is engaged.
It was last replaced three years ago (7/09); since the car has been driven about 29,200 miles.
insulation attached to the hood shrunk. Retaining tabs does not fit into slots in lid.
My a/c is cold when the vehicle is moving or engine is reved but is a little warm at idle. Just want to add a can of freon.