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I had a natural gas conversion kit put on the truck a few years ago,now it has a loud ticking noise coming from the throttle body.i put my hands on the fuel injection sileniods and it seems to be coming from them but im not sure,when i change the switch to regular gas the knocking goes away.Is this normal?
Under normal acceleration I can feel the engine getting held back. I have replaced a clogged converter, installed a new cap and rotor, and new plug wires.
Could someone please tell me where it located.Thanks..
I have replaced the fuel filter but my van is bogging down on the hills.
My car seems to be very low then normal, when going over bumps I can hear the car scrapping the road. Do I need to change the strut bearing? I know that my car should not be this low. Please help!
i repaired the coil and still no fire. car has new plugs and wires. help?
my passenger side window was left down the night before through a rain storm.. could that cause the problem? I also had a remote starter installed last December.
The first smog test became bad,but most of the error were fixed.Today got the second smog test,everything passed,but FAIL-ECS: other emission related components. Then the technitian wrote at the bottom of the results: BLACK SMOKE FROM TAIL PIPE. And was told a good tune-up will help. What can I do to solve the problem when my truck got sparkplugs,air filter,spark plug,wires,rotor and rotor cap replaced about a month ago???? What else should I do to get rid of that black smoke ???? Thanks for helping.
It just started to do this. I have owned this care for 2 weeks. any suggestions on how to alleviate this problem. it is rubbing in the middle where the trunk meets the back of the car.
my car will not crank
I was backing up and hit a post. The left rear quarter was barely creased (just a long scrape). But the left rear tire won't turn in unison with the other tires. What can this be?
who repairs timing belts? What range price? what else should be serviced at this time frame?
The car died driving down the road. Went back later and it started and ran fine. The next day didn't start. The battery was weak so replace that. checked the charging and that is ok. Put fuel pressure gauge on. Has 53 psi with key on. The car started 2 different times after checking pressure. Now it dosen't start at all just cranks. Any idea's?
I had my car not wanting to start. Push gas pedal would stall out after took foot off pedal. Changed dash pot with one that works. Just cant seem to get the idle to be consistent. Today if cranked but idled so low it almost cut off turned on the air it sped up. Turned it off went back down. Put in reverse almost shut off put in drive almost shut off. Drove down the street is perfect. So do I have a bad sensor or sticking throttle. My engine light will come on and then go off. Guess I need to get sensor test when that light comes on. Hard to find anyone with a obdll diagnostic reader for older cars. Heard Advanced Auto parts or Discount parts can read the error codes and ususally do for free. Any help would be great with this issue. My car is very sound. Had no issues other than things being old. Keep the oil changed every 3 thousand miles and all the belts and things that just ware out replace. Thank you for any help!
replaced old TPS with new TPS. It was fine for about 3 miles then quit again. Pulled same code again. Checked voltage to TPS and all was normal. What would cause new TPS to go out after 3 miles? Defective? Another sensor in series? Please help. Jim