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When i park my vehicle overnight the rear sags. When i start in am the rear will come back up to height. This does not happen all the time.
dryer on my truck is running hot. new dryer, new compresor new avaporator hot air
I will drive and the temp gage will be normal, then when i shut it off and come back in a few minutes the gage will read hot
The noise quiets down with succession of starts that day. I have been told it is the engine mount; does that sound right?
My 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee began hesitating\bucking at high speeds on a long drive yesterday. It is a 4.0 L. The truck drove fine for about 150 miles and then it bucked two times, as if I had let off and reapplied the gas too quickly. On the return trip, the truck bucked violently every few minutes when accelerating but never completely stalled. It happened above 1500 rpms and over 50 mph. Last year I put in a new TPS. This week I cleaned out the throttle body with method 1 from and added a bottle of Lucas upper cylinder lubricant with a tank of gas before we left. There are no check engine lights or codes. I am going to try to clean the throttle body with method 2 today. Any other thoughts? Appreciate the help. April.
after the truck is warm it works perfectly.
My brake light on the dash. Is in and a verry annoying beepping sound goes nonstop unless u push in the switch that unplugged and I just can't find where it goes there's a tight lil space to get your hand through. Any suggestions
What is a transmission sensor and what does it do and how does it work in the vehcile.
my car starts and idel fine you can revel it up run great but when put in D4 or reverse engine stalls but i can keep it runing if i keep my feet on the gas and has a auto transmission. i have replaced the distributor gasket cap rotor button and coil.i have pulled the hose off the egr valve and their was no vaccum.what can i do next.
new blower resistor,switch,and a/c selector switch
How to change brakes
Is the fuel pump relay located inside the fuse box or out there somewhere in the engine compartment? If it is inside the fuse box, which one is? is it with four prong or five prong? Anyone has a picture of all the relays inside the fuse box?
i have found places online in Georgia and Idaho, but would rather take it in to be rebuilt myself instead of sending it away to be rebuilt.
After it rains, water collects in the front and back floor on the passenger side. After a heavy rain it even collects in the front dome light.
Is this something that only a shop should replace?