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after i replaced timing chain fired right up ran for a few minutes shut it down checked oil found the gas


i cannot find this anywhere i know they are usially on the passanger side of most cars

I was running my car without coolant just filling it with water, but when i filled it with coolant till the top of the collant bottle, next day when i open and see teh coolant bottle it was till half of the bottle only then i took my car to mechanic then he said thermostart needs to be changed and he charged $100, what could be the real problem and did he charged much for what he did

i have changed plugs, cap rotor, distributor, wires, egr, for p300-p306 on 2.5l, still having problems but i get code read from obd i get multiple miss fire all cylinders but when i count flashes and pauses i get 5, 11, 2, 10 times

One of the doors would not open and no neither one will open from inside-child locks are off and you can open from out side. Please let us know if anyone has had this problem.

I have a misfire on Cylinder #2. I have changed the plugs, coil for that cylinder, and the fuel injector for that cylinder and it has not helped. Any help would be appreciated.

if its the slave cylinder where is it located

if its the slave cylinder where is it located

When I brake my brake pedal pulses and the pulse is strong, what could be the cause?

Front passenger side tire shakes violently at high speed. Replaced the entire strut assembly on that side and problem got worse. What could be the more likely problem tie rod, ball joint or control arm.

it blows every three days

Dealer changed distributor 2 months ago. No oil leak until then.

Took my car to have the valve cover gaskets replaced because of an oil leak..Went to pick it up and they tell me the power steering pump went out..It was working fine when I dropped it off.could they have done something to it? It makes an awful noise!

the transmission