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it is coming from the back passenger tire i had my brakes changed and the noise is still there gets a lil louder when acelerating any help is appriciated thanks

the car failed emisions due to the check engine light not coming on what do I do

it said something about switching valve closed bank 1. the other is second air flow sensor high input bank 1. what should I do? i have a 2005 corolla xrs

how to fix it?

I replaced the power steering pump and filled the resevoir with the recommended atf, have the front of car off the ground, turned the steering wheel lock to lock until fluid level maintaned, the started the car and turned the wheel lock to lock several times then foaming power steering fluid started coming out of the vent hole in the resevior cap. I repeated the above several times with the same result.

every time i put gas on my car it takes too long it seems like it fulls but its not full its stops at every dollar or half a dollar if i dont stop it, it will spit the gas out

It sounds almost like an axel shaft clicking but it makes that noise just letting off the gas. Turning doesn't make any difference in the resonance. When I accelerate, the noise stops. When I let off it clicks.

Slid on Ice, hit a tree head on. Smashed in front right of tahoe: damaged headlight,hood, quarter pannel and it seams as tho the frame may be bent/twisted aprox 1in.

More often than not my side mirror fails to return to its set position after aiming down when put in reverse. Is this likely a mechanical or electrical issue? How can it be remedied?

my truck has only 87,000 miles, changed battery, dead the next day, had alternator checked told it was good, changed battery 3 times, won't go over 40 mph, both headlights only work on high beam, turn signal and flashers don't come on. somebody help me i need my truck for work.

One of the 2 bumpers or buffers on my trunk lid is broken. These rubber bumpers have a spring-loaded piston that pops open the trunk when the latch is activated in the car. I have searched parts suppliers online and it appears many different buffers were used and I want to make sure I buy the right one. Where can I source and what is specific part number?

Current Problems:

1) Can NOT Shift Into 3rd Gear While Driving (Makes Very Audible Grinding Sound & Will NOT Stay In Gear (Slips Out). It Will Go Into 3rd Gear If Standing Still & It Will Pull Forward In 3rd Gear From Dead Stop. I'm Not Sure If I Can Use The Shift Linkage Rods From A Used Car (See: Below FYI Info) Or Maybe It's Transmission???

2) There Is An Electrical By-Pass Placed On The Light Switch...So When I Turn The Headlights On...They ALL Come On No Matter What Position The Switch Is Set To...So I Can't Just Use My Park Lights. I've Considered Replacing The Steering Column Or The Dimmer Switch Assembly?

3) All (4) Struts Are Rusted, Broken (Found A Broken Piece Of One Spring On The Ground) & Need To Be Replaced. I've Been Researching 'Quick Struts' But I Don't Think They're Available For My Car's Year? Really Confused About What I Need To Completely Overhaul? Any Particular Brand? Where's The Best Place To Have It Repaired?

4) I'm Losing Oil Somewhere, Not Seeing It On The Ground...But It's Going Somewhere (I Believe It's The Rear Manifold Or Head Gasket Maybe???) I Use Havoline 20/50 & Add Lucas Oil Stop Leak Once A Month.

5) Considering Replacing The Radiator (Mainly Because It's Slightly Bent & The Color Of The Fluid Appears So Dark) Or Maybe It Just Needs A Major Flush (Which I've Done But It Still Appears Rusty Colored To Me)? I'm Presently Using Preston Anti-Freeze. I'm In Fluctuating Weather Being From Midwest But Go In & Out Of Warm Climates As A Truck Driver.

6) Would Like To Replace The Front Bumper, Repair Passenger Side Fender & Replace Tire Well Covers & Have Other Body Work Done In Time?

**FYI: There's A 1994 Mazda MX-3 Manual Transmission @ Pull-A-Part Right Now...For Parts???

Anywho! That's Just Some Of The Fun Stuff I'm Working On?!

Struts Are The Immediate Issue To Me?!

Thanks For Your Help!

are there any recall for this vechile

it has a 4 cylinder and it is a 4 door car

My car is leaking coolant. Mechanic told me it was the timing chain cover gasket & possibly maybe even the timing chain. I think I am going to just do it myself. I was told this is a pain. Will I need more gaskets than the cover gasket,(such as oil pan gasket, crank seal, special tools, etc)? Also, any tips to make this easier would be greatly appreciated. Its been 15 years since I done this last. :)