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I was tokd that as long as it is not flashing it is safe to drive and it will not harm the engine. Is that correct, as I am trying to get an appointment.
There is no check engine light on but when I shift to drive or reverse and the vehicle is in motion, I can hear clattering or something loose in the engine. The oil level is where it should be so it's not the valves.
both rear bearings and hub assembly brake at the same time,seems unusual!
Getting emmisions error code failure
now the rear end will not lift at all.when i start the suv i can hear the the pump tring to lift the backend but it stays dropped.what should i look for to fix problem and where are locations of parts tobe replaced.
front part is broken and needs repair
Live in Las Vegas, NV. Very hot weather right now but I have never had my engine light come on. I always make sure I tighten the gas cap after filling up. Also, while stopped at a red light my car would like surge forward so I put it in neutral now while stopped.
My Caddy manual tells me the front speed sensor is NOT an integral part of the hub and can be replaced. Can I do it without special tools? I am a decent home-made mechanic but need to know if it requires special tools. I can unplug it but it then seems to run into the back of the wheel hub and disappears internally to the hub? any recommendations appreciated. Thanks.
noise remains
blower fuse keeps blowing,blower been changed fuse still blowing when running air or heat.What could be the problem
I am replacing my engine and the new engine comes the an oil cooler. My oringinal engine did not have this feature
I was driving down the road switched to third gear i heard a pop & my truck went into a neautral state i tried every gear & it wont go in to any what could be wrong?
i just put a flowmaster super 10 on my truck and its single inlet dual outlet and i wanna know how much it would probably cost me to run the tail pipe from the exhaust to strait out under my bumper
how do you replace the blower motor relay on a 2002 325i bmw
5.8 8 cylinder motor