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MY antenna does not go down, stays up all the time. Was told it could not be repaired, needed to be completely replaced.
i jus dont no which bushing it is or all or should i replace all cuz im down there anyway someone help me save some money please
Research has indicated this is common problem and is solved by rerouting drain line. How hard is this to do and what routing is recommended? DIY selfer task?
low beam headlight does not go on even after replacing old bulb
Have ongoing issue w rear/brake light warnings even thou bulbs replaced. Bulbs not suspected. Am I right to suspect bad fixture holding bulb and /or assembly holding all 5 rear bulbs. Been a constant problem for several years.
Where is the dip stick located?
No codes or anything comes up to tell us what it might be.
when i am stopped or driving at a constant speed the rpms will drop or jump randomly. it does it sometimes when im accelerating but not consistently so i dont think its the transmission. and when i 1st start the vehicle the rpms stay around 2 thousand and will slowly drop down
It is really hard to shift into first after backing up and coming to a stop or just starting from a dead stop. Works great while moving.
the problem just started it is coming from the engine area it sounds like a light ticking noise all the gauges are fine.the ticking happens every time i start out from a stop.
As I am driving along it happens randomly. I look down and the speedometer isn't working then all of a sudden car lurches forward to 30 or 40.What could be wrong?
Rear blinkes work fine, I just can't figure out why the fronts won't. A friend mentioned a ground or connection, is that something I can take care of myself or should I go to a shop?
should i do it every 15000 or 30000 miles
Car started misfiring, replaced the maximum air flow sensor. Car ran normal for 2 days and has started misfiring again, could the sensor be defective or is there something else that could have caused this? Also, car has had an intermittent issue of stalling when I coast to a stop, it's a 5 speed manual tran. Just seems to idle weak at times, could these issues be related?
This started after I had the brake switch replaced. Gear shift was locking in park position. The ka-chung sounds almost like the horn is trying to honk. Thank you.