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The temp slide control has very little effect on the air temp. Even on fresh air the air is warm with control on cold and warmer but not hot moved to hot. Same with a/c on. Slightly cold on cold and warmer on warm.

Just noticed a puddle inside and the top inside roof is it must be leaking. Am I suppose to scotch guard it or something? The top roof outside is material.

Code reading a EVAP leak. Local mechanic dropped tank and did a smoke test. Cracks found in the EVAP tube on top of the fuel tank. Being told the tubes can not be replaced and new tank is required. This just does not make any sense.

there is anti freeze pooring out of the back of motor but it is not over heating is it a possaible head gasket

I read that it could be a spiders nest or dirt. how do I clean this? I know it is under the car but looks like a lot of parts. Which line do I ckeck and how?

I had autozone run computer and this is what it said something about the evap blockage ect. I use the car for delivering mail on rural route lots of dirt roads. I would like to fix this on my own but do not know how to locate or check to see if line is clogged. Please help

my husband is replacing the a/c and needs to know how much oil it takes

There is a waterline cross section behind the motor where you can's see it.At that point there was a seal that went bad and had to be replaced1

Looking to find out if anyone has experienced problems with rear window leaks on newer model Caravan. We just received our vehicle, brand new, and after first rain noticed water running into rear arm rest/cup holders on both sides of the van (essentially down the frame pillar). Drivers side appears worse, in other words more consistent, passenger side not noticed since first instance. We have the power vent window option so did check to make sure no one was inadvertently leaving window slightly ajar. Also, van has been factory converted to wheelchair accessible but relevant structural changes would (should) not have any direct bearing on this part of the vehicle.
I have friends with newer model Dodge trucks (1 or 2 years old) and both have had leaking into their rear cab, with no idea where it originates. Is this a typical Dodge problem?

The car shakes and hesitates when I push on the gas pedal.

It started a moment ago. What can I do?

Does leaving gas cap loose for little while have any effect on engine running? will service engine light come on and have i done harm by doing this>

just unlocked cap & drove to station for gas

i have this 1990 jeep wrangler and i was just wondering how many pints of oil it need because it was dripping a little through the whole it has in the back to check it, it looks fine now but i would like to fill it up so i was just wondering how many pints it takes to fill it up.

i need to know how to reconnect all wires when installing the fuel pump