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i already changed sprak plugs light turn on a few weeks after changing oil & filter what can i try next i check the gas cap also light still on no codes with scan tool help
i replace fluid once every two weeks
What's wrong with my SUV? It won't go in reverse.
Nissan Maxima,when i turn on radio,ac,and headlights it turns off on me when not excelerating.stop lights and stop signs are my big problems.also in the morning when i first start it i half to excelerate the the car in park to stay on?but before that my fan motor went bad it destroyed my altinatore and battery replaced it,and now i have this problem but befor the fan motor went it was great.where do i start to see what was damaged during this event?i have codes but auto zone guy says its not whats causing my car to turn off when using radio,ac,and headlights.codes69
the battery working but have no clue what could be wrong could you help.
camshaft sensor,crankshaft sensor replaced these code,erase ,reset computer. light stayed off 2hrs. and came on again,HELP@! I NEED AN INSPECTON STICKER A.S.A.P
Bmw 325ci Drove last night in alot of rain..once i reached home felt transmission shifting weird looking at the dashboard found a ! mark nxt to the gear indicator..turned car off turned it back on it was gone but instead was the service engine soon light..checked code and it is P0715 which is input turbine speed sensor A circuit..i need help i would like to know how serious is this and how much would it cost me to fix or atleast an estimate??....thanks
about 2 or3 mths add freon.was told hose leak,lower hose?
I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu. Aug. 24th it died out while I was driving down the hiway. Had Fuel pump replaced. Fine for about a week, started dying out again. Take foot of gas, the car eases forward on its own. Honest to God!
it did not turn over about a week ago but then started the very next day, engine light has been on since then, it has been driving fine for the past week and now it does not want to turn over again..I will only take to the dealer but afraid they will try to replace things that don't need replacing as they try to do every year at inspection! Maybe fuel filter? I am sure they will say fuel pump for sure, because of the cost. Very expensive right? Any help is most appreciate. The vehicle does not leak anything !!!

What could be the potential problem?
a diagonostic was done on my truck and cam shaft sensor is defective
after the check engine light comes on and the code says catylitic convertor can this be caused by the number 1 oxygen sensor and the number 2 oxygen sensor being bad
and my 1999 Lexus LS 400