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I have replaced master 3x and slave 2x in last 6 months.

fumes are coming inside can i plug the hole for now until i get money to replace the catalyst converter

no blown fuses nor relays

AC hasn't worked for a couple of years - you can turn the AC on and it blows just fine, but the air is ambient temperature. My father has charged it with freon once or twice, and I will have nice cold air for maybe 12-18 hours... then it's gone. He's sure it's a leak, but doesn't own the specialized equipment to find it with the refrigerants they use these days. I'm trying to decide if it's worth taking it in to find the leak, but I seem to get told I need a lot of unnecessary work done when I go in to places - would like an objective estimate/ballpark figure first.

automatic braking system right?

Crank shaft sensor replacement

My vehicle passed Comprehensive Visual Inspection, and Emissions Test, But failed emissions can you help

wher is fuse etc.

how can you tell if its the racket pinion or pump going out

This is a wagon if it makes a diff>?

The catalytic converter was replaced by a straight pipe, and i want to replace the cat if it indeed did come with 2 sensors, VIN # KNJLT05H9S6131833

Check engine light keeps returning… This past weekend we changed the EGR valve on our 2006 G6. We had the battery cables off over night to ensure the reset of computer. We drove it next day, drove about 5 miles and check engine light came back on. Had it tested it is giving code P0401. Which when researching code it gives info about EGR valve again. Man at Auto zone suggested a new air filter. We put that on there and reset it again. Check engine light came back on again. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do next?

car runs fine ,gas mileage is still good.

This is catalyst efficiency low bank 1. This is the ability to store oxygen.Also states running condition.

Causes: i have been putting mid grade gas instead of premium would this be the reason.
Ps i changed the catalic convertor in 2011 due to the engine light

If you manully depress the clutch cylinder under the hood the clutch pedal can be depressed in the car at the same time. I ve blead the line and still the clutch locks up once it is released. There is no back pressure when releasing the pedal either but there is when you push it down.