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thers the metal line that runs from the water pump too the theromsate and it has a small hose that comes off it were dose it go too, were then do the vac lines go buy the TB and the valve cover and intake for the TB zip code # 56482

2002 4runner.What is the average cost of this service? What can I expect to be done? Can this major service be put off or will I be sorry I delayed?

I dont have the money to go to the shop and i have spent days searching for an answer but i need step by step directions on how to change my rear shock

When I fill up my truck the gauge only shows 1/4.

could be electrical?

it has check engine light on and want pass inspection

Battery is good,connections are good silioned clicks

i put the heat or air up on high and it barely blows out the vents. i don't k now what causes this

I have had it diagonosed and it is reading code co3021. lOCK CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION.I would like to know what that means.

does that mean I need a new ignition switch? How much would that cost?

Wondering if I should buy an extended warranty at this point or look for another car. The steering pump replacement and few other items like ball joint and battery are the only replacement items. The rest were " maintenance jobs".

Hello everyone. Let me start off by giving some background info on the vehicle and problem I am having.

2002 Explorer 4.0l V-6 non Flex Fuel.

Coolant Temp gauge on the dash is not responding at all and the Check Gage Light is on. When the engine is cool the motor will start most of the time. I can let it run and get to normal operational temp and all is well. Good heat come from vents at idle, etc.

Here lies the problem. Once the engine is hot and I shut the engine down, it will crank but not fire until the engine is cool again. After reading some forums and talking to a mechanic buddy, these are the things I have replaced with OEM parts:

1) Thermostat
2) Thermostat housing and seal
3) Engine coolant temperature sensor on thermostat housing (this model only has 1 sensor on top)
4) heater hose

Any ideas or suggestions on what could still be causing this issue? Also, since this problem started the outside temp is not displaying on the dash. Could this be a bad ambient temp sensor or could it be connected somehow to the coolant problem?

Thank you for any ideas or advice.

I unhooked the vacuume connector to the switch and traced the hoses. four of them go to two silver canisters under the dash another one goes into the dash and I lost it. I assume that one of these hoses has to go to the engine to provide the vacuume to the switch. I don't hear any air/ vacuume from the hoses at the connector with the engine running. How can I find out where the vacuume hose from the engine is located? Is there a diagram available to trace the hoses?

This happens whenever the vehicle has been sitting for more than an hour

how expensive / difficult are these problems to repair?
p0106 map/barometric pressure circuit high input
p0171 system too lean
p0174 system too lean
p0300 random multiple cylinder misfire detected

in addition the OBD catalyst, evap, oxy snsr, exhst gas not reporting to computer. what could be the main problem causing the other negative results?