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This is a 2.5 liter V6 engine. It turns almost all the way over with no spark. Distributor was replaced but car sat for a couple of years covered up with no work done to it. My son just got this car from his father. We have tried several crankshaft sensors and replaced plug wires, plugs, ignition module, pcm,etc. Not sure what to do next, should we replace distributor again?? It is getting fuel pressure and fuel pump is functional, no codes in computer
i have checked all the components except the speed sensor and the relay. the speedometer works so i assume the speed control sensor is ok. that leaves the relay and i'm not sure which one that is. any suggestions?
Not done transmission for 40K and wonder if I should try it myself. Am not a great mechanic.
Hi, recently my daughter went for an alignment and was told she would have to replace both inner tie rods and hub bearings with an estimate of 750.00 we want to try to do it ourselves, but I saw some information about just changing the bushings and wondered do the whole tie rod need replacing or can the bushing solve the problem with movement next to the steering box? If we need to replace the whole inner tie rod do you have step by step instructions or where can i view them.
tor and overflow tank are full or at proper level. gauge showed higher than ever without getting in the red then it showed cooling down.
power steerig very hard.
car is a ls with electric steering
The air comes through the cabin vents regardless of the knob position.
also when going faster than 65 mph ride is not smooth. Mechanic flushed differential made difference in the chop for a week. back again
Can only find a high side A/C service port.
My truck is racing, high rpm, no one could find the problem, Ford dealership suggested, replacing the throttle body, how much do you think it would cost?
are light switch and instrument cluster ground located behind cluster?
its a 96 3.0 V6 toyota camry glx quad cam auto
While driving, the air conditioner blows cold air, but when I go up a hill or step on the gas the fan blows out hot air. Is there a vaccuum leak? If so, how can I find it?
is it better to go dealership or privately owned garage.