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This problem has been going on about a year. Even if it's daytime they come on when I start up the car. I took it to one shop and they told me the car was made in Canada and that it is normal for the car to do that. Is this the truth. I don't see other 300"s riding with their lights on all the time.
125,400 miles. Belt replaced at 90000 3 yrs ago. New job and I need to drive longer than before. Do I need to replace the belt? I asked them to wait on it and save 300 dollars.
it may start then it want some day's i will crank others it want
car idles up to 20 mph when at a light but only with the a/c on. It runs just fine without the a/c on
I wonder want should do?
i had it hooked up to a OBD2 reader and it gave me 1391 code but the autoparts store had no idea what it meant. the car is jerking and keeps stalling when warm.
Where is the offending part and how do I change it?
Hello-2001 Chevy Blazer and had replaced the fuel pump 2x and noticed the wires are overheating in the top cap and i checked the other 2 as I save parts have the same problem now it has to be fixed again and I'm worried it could cause a fire while driving my kids around-Anyone know why or how I can fix it or if there is some kind of recall on it? Let me know and Thanks for reading this! Have a great day!
What implications will it have using a lower octane fuel, just bought the Navigator...also want to know if "chip" will help fuel consumption as the makers claim
There is a knocking sound coming from the area behind the glove compartment when the motor is shut off.
We were told it probably was a gear.
When the car is turned on and you step on the gas it makes a loud noise.
I replaced all 6 spark plugs since they were the originals and I has 143K on them. The misfire came back right away. So I replaced the coil pack on cylinder #2, I cleared the code but it came back. I drive about 3000 miles a year, and I have been putting fuel system cleaner in with almost every tank. I was thinking of switching fuel injector on cylinders 2 and 3 to see if the misfire travels to 3 to isolate the fuel injector as the problem. I just dont know where the fuel injectors are. Can someone show me where they are? Is this a good idea?
The air is not blowing like it should out but you can feel it just kind of leaking out. It has done this a couple of times but I left it off and tried it later with no problems. Now it does it more.
It almost sounds like it has a very high RPM at all speeds. I notice that at 65mp the rpm is 3000. I take the clutch off and I still hear the high engine noise.
that what the dealer says