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Can i get a new one?

how do I reset vsc so my accellerator works agains?

My car was recently in the shop to have the transmission replaced after coolant leaked into the transmission from the radiator. I can't remember if it made this noise before the transmission blew up on the freeway but the transmission shop told me about it when they brought it back. The car sat inactive for about 6 weeks and I replaced the radiator myself to save costs. I just got it back a couple days ago and the screeching noise is really loud when I accelerate. It sounds like its coming from one of the pulleys on the serpentine belt.

When this happened the car lost power. The image of the engine was followed by the check engine light on. When I looked this up in the owners manul it said if the image is half shaded in yellowish/orange color, it means that the car is operating at minimum power. could you tell me what are the possibilities why this is happening?

mechanic checked suspension can't find problem

And TCS light on the dashboard comes on.It will now reduces it's acceleration.I don"t knw if it's a gear problem

Every time the van is started it revs really high and when it is put in gear it wants to take off without touching the the gas pedal.

just changed the plugs and it ran reel good for the first two days but now it is idling ruff.

When started, the coolant runs out of the exhaust pipe. The vehicle shakes and runs rough when started.

No information in owners manual about red security light.

The drivers side seat is in a forward position, any suggestions to move the seat without replacing the whole thing? Is it easy to replace the motor if needed?

Where is the oil filter located?

leak in gasket

Power steering has been leaking slowly for several months

The plug that is leaking is on the firewall side of the engine.