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blows hot air all the time regardless of where the temp is set. there is no codes available. i'm i on the right track?

Out of nowhere, my car started to hesitate when I began to accelerate. The engine seemed to want to quit instead of increase in power. I added Lucky's fuel injector cleaner with the hope this would help. It didn't. The engine light came on and stayed on but there were no messages. I searched online and found that the problem may be related to the throttle body. I purchased a throttle body cleaner and cleaned it out. Afterwards, the engine light went off, but the car continued to hesitate. I'm not sure what to try next.

i spray starter fluid in the air port and it starts but then shuts back off. as if the fuel is not making it to the injectors.

dont know where to put the freeon

my batery was doing fine until i started riding my motercycle and my car sat 4 about three months i want to jump it but i dont know how to get to the batery under the back seat.

The electric back window on the driver's side in my car will not come down. This window has been like this for about 3 months since numerous tries to get the window down have been unsuccessful. I have purchased a switch for the back window and one for the driver's window. But, neither of these worked because the window still will not come down.

Ignition switch went out-windows will not work and blower motor will not operate

My 01 Cadi Deville DTS has been unable to remain running. It will start, but I must keep my foot on the gas, to keep it running, soon as I remove my foot off the gas, it will cut off. During all of this,the Battery voltage will decline. Also the Service Charging System will appear. I took it a repair shop for this problem, and replaced the map sensor, and it seems to have made the problem worst. Any help would be very appreciated_thank you kindly!

when i fill my tank its not letting the fumes go threw and it takes forvever to fill up


I am trying to check the timing, but can't find the single lead connector.

Thnk you for your time.

Fans have been checked, Hoses and thermostat have been replaced, relay and fuses checked. Fans are not coming on. I see a sensor on the right sided where the transmission coolant hoses are located. I found the oil pressure/ temp sensor near the oil filter. I can see a sensor on the back side of the engine that would have to be pulled from underneath. Check Engine light came on a month or so ago. The weather may have been cold enough to keep the engine cool without running the fans. Any additional ideas?

The front driver’s side electric seat is not functioning. The passenger seat is still working. We are unable to move it out of its current positions and cannot find any fuses that would be causing this problem. We also noticed the electric pedal control also stopped functioning. Any guesses please?

ABS codes total of seven were scanned but want to erase and start over to see what is current codes reported are COO35 COO40 CO201 CO220 CO221 CO899 U1064