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developed rough idle days before, died last night while driving 55 mphs, wont restart, sounds like it wants to, how do I check fuel pressure at home? Transmission issues at same time maybe.
Had car since new. Plugs are white with no oil residue. No leaks. New pcv valve.
Using 1 qt in less than 1000 miles. Not smoking. What could the problem be?
My ford f-350 superduty 6.0 all of a sudden starting losing power while I was driving down the road. I could not get it to go over 50 mph. Then when I came to a stop it died. Now it will idle good but when I put it in reverse or drive it just dies.
Under the intake on the back of the motor is a water manifold. This has the heater hose and the hose that runs to the mass airflow sensor coming out of it. It is held down by tow 18MM bolts. There are four round gaskets made of rubber and soft copper to seal it. Where can I buy these gaskets, our something that will work, maybe some sort of soft copper banjo fitting???
The dealer tells me there are no leaks. The gaskets are good. The service manager says the oil could be getting burned through the turbo. Any ideas?
I've checked all engine and dash fuses. Replaced the brake light switch and unplugged my tow package light harness. All bulbs are working, blinkers work, I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?
Started sounding like a whistling noise first. Now sounds like metal scraping. Under warranty. Had a KIA dealer look at it- I thought it was wheel bearing. They say they can't find anything the matter. They sugggest I put on new tires- which I did. Sound was still there last night
autozone coded it as #2 misfire it ran good till starter was changed could it be a sensor?? we found a blown fuse it did not fix the problem the service engine soon light is on and flashing now while idling it will shut off, very rough on take off to
My car is out of warranty and I want to change the oil myself. How do you reset the oil change interval computer?
The bolt is under housing against head/block passenger side, does intake have to be removed to do so?
Spark plug blew out of head for the 2nd time.This time it striped the threads on the head.I tried a sparkplug repair kid where you rethread the heads and use the little black piece(cant remember the name) to screw into the head then the plug into that piece.Proublem is when i put a socket on the threader tool the socket is to big to fit down in the hole which means the threader isnt reaching the head.what do i do?
have replaced struts, noise still there, tried wiggling wheel left and right up and down, no noise
i have replaced coil computer cap n rotor...have pressure at fuel rail give it alitte time it restarts if i release pressure at the fuel rail it helps
light went on, cleared code went back on next day,got above codes.took to shop said o2 sensor1 gettn too many volts.light when back off stayd off for 10 days.back 2 shop tested wiring with flowchaart but car kept gong back 2 normal range.suspect main computer does this sound right way 2 diagnose this or nd to go to dealer b4 shelln out computer money?
Is it possible to tune the shock absorbers or the only option is replacement.I am seeing my car is vibrating too much while driving.