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Concerned about Carfax report, which mentions replacement of camshaft seals on this car. Is this something normal even at low mileage? On a brand like MBZ? Or does this mean some serious mechanical problems?

Thank you for your advice.

My 2002 Forester has recently had a lot of word done, including new tires. It seems like after the tires were put on a few days later I noticed that the interior noise was much louder. Seems like it is coming from the rear. I've had these Pirelli tires before, no issues like this. The noise is constant, getting louder with increased speeds, same in neutral is in drive. Ideas?

when i turn on the van all the lights on the dashboard light up in go off-- accept for 1 my "oil light symbol" it stays on but as soon as i start the engine up it goes off. I must say when i brought this van i check the dip stick when i got it home it was practically dry so I poured a quart of oil in it , I figure that was cool-- but now I'm not so sure , this is the same thing that happens with my other car too but i had a oil change on that car in the oil light still stays on when i turn the key to the igntion and all the other warning lights go off-- intill i start the engine up then the oil light goes off too just like the van--- whats up with that?

put new steering box on it like no power steering wifes suv .

Caus ti to missfire?

When I turn the radio up at all for there to even be a small amout of bass. The Lcd on the radio will flash and the speaker will start skipping really really fast so it sounds like crap. You cant even hear a word before it skips. I would of thought a speaker has busted but all of them do it and it happend all at once. And the radio flashes also. So any help?? oh also the spark plug is working good.

Not knowing yet what is causing the leak. I am trying to get a general price range to fix including labor.

Only the passenger side brake was worn. Now 2 weeks later it is grinding again. What is causing this?

Shock are ok. Can rock truck side to side and create the noise also. Thought it may be bushings.

the problem is constant.

Car making sound like marbles in a can. Also seems like it will stall out at times at red light or stopping. When I start car in morning it has a tin sound, but than it's o.k.

Shut of while in intersection turning left and shut off after accelerating after stop light and getting ready to get on ramp of Highway. Sometimes when parked and trying to start it flutters and shuts off.

Car will turn over seems to have spark, I did jump start the car once and all of sudden problem began I must have over charge the system... Thanks wojo

The brake lights or parking lights stay on while the car is in drive and will not go off.

eveynow and then panel would sound alarm saying chech charging system,checked battery,alternator,starter,fuses and are all good,i think the problem is coming from the key to fuses under the hood,now i only have one key and found its missing a piece,could it be the chip inside the key not starting the truck,at first i turned key and only lights come on panel but no signs of starting and the check charging system would turn on everyday couple times