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believe that they came out in the order of snap ring, washer, dust sheild, primary seal.when reinstalling ther is no room for the washer?
can I get a picture of where they are
Has dualside controls
ford explorer
I checked the fuel cap (per manual) and it is ok..
switched out starter,sonds like its siezed but its not
i was driving on the highway and the car started to shake and the oil light came on. my dad pulled it over and turned it off but he continued to drive it, how much for a repair?
the check engine light is on with a code p1415 i would like to see if i could do this myself a diaphram would be very helpful
both passenger and driver floors wet.white smoke comming out of vents when a/c is on
is the neck kinked or is the vent not installed?
Trans fluid leak at front of trans.
Light came on unexpectedly. A shop has confirmed it's off which is desired. They said that computer must be reset to turn light off.
the check engine light was on frist for about 3 weeks the it starting shaking when i drive
The noise problem is always; however, is at its loudest when the engine is cold.
it is not the door locks, it starts the minute you put the keys in the is behind the panel...what could it is NOT the lock is below is electrical and behind the plastic panel on drivers side next to the third seat.