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I just put new brakes on my car but when I push the brake hard I get a knocking sound from the back passenger side. I've reinspected it and can't figure out what's wrong. Please help!!!

It stays at a steady "rubbing" sound as I drive along. I've only had this car for a year.

I have tried this maneuver a few times, everytime it fails to link.

This started in the beggining of the year. I can drive with the heat or air on for 10 to 15 minutes and then the engine shuts off. Once the heat or air is turned off the engine starts right up. Any advice would be appreciated.

hv same issue? dealer said no known ac problems on fj said drivee it turn up radio etc... doesnyt do it all the time which is odd...

This has been an issue for over a year. It happens everytime I apply the brakes. It doesn't matter if I driving on a street or on the highway. My brakes passed the safety inspection, so I am not sure what else it could be. ANy advice would be appreciated.

She died the other night, I've changed the distributor cap & rotor. Its not the battery, and does not seem to be a starter or alternator. Anyone know much about the timing on this car? i know the chain is old but as far as I know it has not gone yet. Car has 237,XXX miles on it.

tail light on the drivers side continuous blow rain or shine . I have changed bulbs at least twice a week, thanks for any help you can give.

What is required to replace the front wiper motor?

Replaced broken timing belt and car still will not start.

i need to change my strut, n i want to know if i even have to take the seat out to change the strut

i have and 88 volov 760. i just got and it was runnin great but now when i drive it shuts off fter drivin a few blocks. when it shuts off all the lights on the dash comes on and then it shuts off. when i try to start it surns a lil but neva turns over so i have to get it jumped.

My mechanic informs me that both front subframe to body mounting bushings are missing and have been replaced with bolts and washers on my recently bought 95 Contour. Ford nor anyone else sells these bushing sets anymore. I need to do something because the body shifts around too much for my comfort. My question is - will universal body mount/isolator bushings (ie: Energy Suspension #94102) work on my car? Or am I better off going to a Pull-a-Part to try to find some?

A few years ago I saw a mechanic because it was not blowing cool air. He put in a little coolant and replaced the AC Clutch relay. Worked good. For a while I've heard something cycling, it was my AC condenser. Not much cool air again. I replaced the relay again and the cycling stopped, until I selected AC. It now continues to cycle constantly again, AC on or off...Suggestions?

Had the fuel pump changed out and now the fuel gauge doesnt register (it stays below E) on the dash and low fuel light is on all the time though there is plenty of fuel. Dome lights inside and bed light are out too since the fuel pump was replaced... I am thinking fuses but dont know which ones are out. Can you tell me which ones to check?