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Just recently bought a Mazda Protege with 158000kms on it. I noticed that there was a ticking sound coming from the engine and my check engine light had come on. The speed of the ticking increases as I accelerate but remains even after the car is back in idle. I figured it may just need oil/oil change, but was wondering if there are any other possible causes.
My alternator/battery light just started coming on, tonight. When I'm driving, the lights don't dim when I step on the brakes or turn on the air conditioning. That is what I'd expect if the alternator was not working. Could the warning light be coming on even if there's nothing wrong?
I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal for about 30 seconds and the it is fine
93 integra special ls manual trans cruise button light comes on but no cruise light on dash gauge and cruise cannot be set
does not happen all the time, it's always at random.
i jiggle key , push on brake and it finally starts. sometimes it starts first try. What's up?
sticking fuel injecter
after a while a stop and turn it off and then restared it i made aloud knocking sound seem like i was coming from the trans when ever i press the gas it made a loud knocking sound and smoke came out the tail pipe any suggestion what that might be
I had in the shop twice in the past two week. I Does not make any noise when I turn the key I have turn it 4 or 5 time before it starts. Please Help!!!!!!!
i live in Lagos Nigeria, west Africa
Today it came when turning into our driveway!!!
those codes came up on the scanner what would you recommend i should replace to fix problem?
Turns over just fine. After 5-30 minutes of waiting starts up.
Just replaced coil & fuel pump & no change.
Looked for hose that might be stopped up....can't find hose.