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will not pass smog test.I have changed o2 sonsors in exhaust system.

Also passenger airbag off light on rearview mirror stays on too and lock symbol on dash stay lit when vehicle is locked with key remote.

could this be why the speedo is not working ? ,and if so, how can i get to work?

my car has a vibration and its annoying! its mostly when im in 3rd gear and up and up hills at the most... when i let off teh gas it quits completly... any ideas???? we replaced motor mounts and timing belt and the one tires wieghts fell off so they replaced them and balanced it... so sick of putting money in this car...had it for a month and a half and only drove it a few days!

I replaced the coolant temp sensor and the gauge still doesnt work. I have power at the plug and the gauge works if you test the wires at the connector. wht can it be???

last summer it was so hot that the horn started going off by itself,it finaly got stuck so we disconected it

it changes gears fine! but ounce i come too a complete stop it kinda acts as if it doesnt wana pull off

I had a problem, the battery died and replace the alternator, but, the alarm
system and security lights come on as I start the car. help

Starts fine when cooled down.

Starts fine when its cooled down.

over and smells of gas have replaced cramk and cam sensor new spark plugs,how do i check if getting to much gas..? help thanks

since i have bought the car the turn signals do not work i have looked for a turn signal flasher but cannot find one

it will crank after awhile dont belive it is fuel pump again cant figure it out diagnostic check clean plz help im baffled

remote works on trunk and starts car.remote unlocks door when locked manually

changed the remote batteries, and checked the fuse under the hood, can't figure it. these nitro have more problems than carter has pills. no wonder they don't make em anymore!