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Fuses seem to be intact. What else could be the problem?
engine cranks but won't start. Problem occurred suddenly. Initially started, but immediately stopped as if fuel supply was cutoff. Subsequent attempts just cranks with no ignition at all. first time occurrence. in parking lot for 1/2 day. Hot, bout 95F.
have removed interior door-trim panel, and all hex screws from interior metal panel, but still can not get off. I need to put window glass back on track. How do I get it off, and also, secure glass on track, so it STAYS ? Thaanks, Rob.
Location of the RAWL ABS Module 1997 Dodge Ram BR1500 Sport. I have been told its located behind the dash panel, next to the master cylinder, under the Battery? Does anyone know for sure? Its not next to the Master cylinder Checked. I had the dealership check it and wants 1400.00 to replace. Can't afford it!!!
I have had to add freon almost every year. It usually takes the charge and the a/c works however this year it did not work. When adding the freon it just cycles thru and I have air con 4 about 5 minutes and then nothing. The compressor clicks on and off, there is no leak from anywhere. What do u think it is? Please help
I pulled the head and there is a hole burned through the top edge of the piston.
The "independent" vehicle service and repair firm I employ has ascertained that a shift control device, within the transmission, is malfunctioning. This is the "good news" as apparently only Mercedes dealers may procure this device, classified as a TRP, (Theft Related Part). In fact owners are not permitted to purchase the device. How is this not a restraint of trade matter?
just trying to recharge my ac because its blowing out warm/hot air
changed plugs, vacuums, hoses. no leaks. plenum re-fitted. engine light came on after two days of stop light engine surge 200 rpm then down ...two seconds later does it again. AC went out by noon and it one year old! i know the computor figured lean because of possible plenum leak! now engine light still on and AC is not working!
my headlights flicker when im driving?
It had quit working a while back and then suddenly started working again up until this past Sunday. What could it be with it doing this? All of the other window controls work. We cannot figure out how to access the inside of the door panel to take a look if it is a loose connection.
the end of summer. What part do I need replaced. The upper box would not let me type any further.
Moving the shifter forth and back is easy, but de right-left movement is hard, ans the shifter does not center itself. I also have a hard time engaging first gear. I tried to lubricate the corresponding transmission cable at the transmission end, but didn't change anything. Is the cable faulty or is there a problem in the transmission.

Thank you very much for insights.
Also the gauge doesn't work stays on full, could it be something eles? I think the numbers are 0460 on code. is there a fuel cluster under the dash board?