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Car has always started good. Checked battery, cables. Interior lights, radio, etc... come one. Car wont click or start now. Just happened all of a sudden.
I will be driving along and all of a sudden I
hear a couple of chimes and OIL HI will be
Flashing I'm new to a Mercedes and looking
For some help so far it only happened 3-4 times
have replaced thermostat,coolant temp sensor,asd relay,fan relays,cam position sensor.engine never misses just quits like you shut off the key after 15 minutes seems to be before the thermostat opens the fans never come on
My husband is a corpsman & while in Afghanistan I drove this car and I have never had this problem, but it is a 98', it only had one other owner & we had this car since 2010. Is this an easy fix? I hope so because we need to save money. Someone please help!
blew a golf ball size hole in the metal above oil pan on passenger side. what parts do i need to fix this or do i need a complete newmotor
I have a 2007 Ford Fusion and my shifter s stuck in park. The shifting knob will not push all the way in so it can go into gear. I tryed the release button beside the shifter like the the manuael said. I have tail light's and everything else works. You can hear the selinoid click when you step on the brake. Is there a recall on this ?
change rear brakes try to put in reverise would not move
I spent all day on replacing the rubber seals to my lower manifold that the fuel injectors seat into and still I smell fuel?
I have code p3441
Sedona 03 3.5 tension pully area makes squeels on initial start up until warmed up. Belts and 2 tention pulleys were changed out but the squeel came back a week later, I'm out $226. with same problem back! 86k miles. Mechanic told me that 3 bolts were missing from timing chain housing. I bougt van with 63k mi. Perhaps the timing chain was replaced prior to purchase. Can you give some info?
brakes started going to the floor bleed them worked for a few miles went out again
i was driving my car today and it was running normal. All of a sudden it cut off. I noticed that the oil was a quart over full so i thought maybe that was the reason so i went and got everything for a oil change and changed the oil filter although this was done one week ago :( it still wouldnt start so i put plugs on it thinking that maybe the plugs had gotton flooded....nope that didnt work either. So advance suggested a crank shaft censor that didnt work either. I have checked all spark plugs they are getting fire. The number one cylindar is getting gas but 234 is dry....i can hear the fuel pump turn on...the car turns over like it wants to start but it just aint doing it.....any suggestions on what it may be???? thanks ....Katie
This occurs at least three times per week.
It leaks a lot of oil, drivers side of the engine down to the exhaust until it smokes white smoke. It empty's all the oil so I have to constantly put oil in it. There is a puddle of oil underneath my vehicle where ever I park. No engine light, puttering, pinging, thumping, ticking or fluttering while driving it which has me concerned also, just the smoke from burning oil. Someone told me it was my valve covers or my head gasket; O-rings. It started after I had the exhaust manifold replaced. Now the vehicle stays parked because it smokes really bad and I cannot keep enough oil in it to drive it anywhere.
I have a 1990 F-250 4x4 7.3l diesel with E4OD tranny. Transmission no longer shifts into overdrive. Anti-lock rear brake light turned on the same time the tranny failed. Could this be related to the PCM? Transmission works well in all other gears, just no overdrive. What else might prevent it going into overdrive?
Thank you in advance for any help.