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every 2 to 3 months it starts and drive fine and than it wont start and than about 3 day later it starts and drive for another 2 to 3 months and stop again than 3 days later it starts again I had it tow to firestone and they said it was the starter so they replace it and it ran for 2 to 3 months and stop again please help me
All the time i turn it on lo but it continues to blow hi
When removing changing the spark plugs one was broken. How bad is this? expensive to fix? car has about 140,000 miles.
my power steering light come on dash board and couple days it wont now it came back on and my wheel wont turn to move the car and i let sit for awhile and then start turning again its electric no fluid so what should i do to fix it do it cost alot to fix are i can do it my self with fuses some people say need help who hand this problem to. have a 2006 hhr
Hot on the passenger side on cold on the drivers side
It happens always in reverse and more often now... i have another 2006 monte carlo so I have the 2003 in the garage but want to fix for winter

car sputtered then died yesterday. It cranks but does not turn over, being told I need a new fuel pump & it is in the fuel tank.
SO I Finally bought a compression tester and did a compression tester on the van.

All but one cylinder has good compression.. one cylinder has zero compression!

I don't know how this could have happened! It's a low mileage engine..108k.. Did I cause this problem? Could a weak cylinder be the reason it had been throwing a knock sensor code??

Any suggestions what it could be? probably the rings?

Thanks in advance,

Any Advice is appreciated
It used to be the radio would be on then suddenly there was no sound from speakers. Sometimes a loud popping or distorted sound would come out then no sound at all. But it still showed the radio on and working fine. Now the radio will not even come on at all. I read it could be the amp. There was a TSB about no sound but radio on.
every time i shut off the engine, there is a "grrrrr" noise that only lasts 2 seconds. I was advised it may be the alternator???
It will go off when I hit about 20 MPH- is there a way to disable or adjust this?
fuel pump relay working, fuel pump working, changed fuel reset switch, changed air mass flow sensor, new battery. sounded like fuel pump cut on a couple times but, it immediately stopped.
Dealer said this is normal for this engine 4.0L Auto.I have to disagree.
between a 2002 and a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali?
my wrangler will shift through all the gears fine but then it will kick out of gear if u let the rpms go down it will go back in gear but sticks in 2nd and wont come out till u put it in park its been doin it for a while but before when it would kick back in gear it would shift all the way through and it had a small slip and it has plenty of trans fluid