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Car started overheating when I bought it then maintainence light came on. Would not go off when reset no codes coming up then 2 months later code read #3 cylinder was not firing properly told crack in head gasket need to replace.. kept driving car started to lose power when accelorating. babied the car for months, then it finally quite. I have had it to 8 different garages and each 8 gave me a differnet answer. No I am adding water everyday to drive 22 miles and then to rtrn home adding it again it finally jus quite acting as if no oil but oil has close to full in it.

How much would or should it cost to replace the engine in a 2005 V4 Suzuki Forenza.

mercedes benz S550 4 matic 2008 model 13000 miles

Sometimes my car wont start i will turn the key and you can hear it trying to turn over but it wont after 5-10 trys it will usually start.

After it starts sometimes it will just automatically stall out unless i rev the gas pedal.
If i am at a stop sign or a redlight it will either stall out completely or my RPM'S will drop to zero without stalling out completely. I either have to restart the car or rev the gas pedal.

I have given it a complete tune-up, changed the throttle ignition sensor, oxygen sensors, coil packs, starter, altenator

I have tried dry gas, injection cleaner and various sorts like that
I have tried everything i have been told and am running out of options as my starter just went again after only a year of having it.
I would appreciate any advice

I think it is a speed sensor malfunction, but I don't know which sensor it is targeting.

After the air was turned on after driving on the highway about 30 miles. The car began to overheat and spray coolant and white smoke. This was all happened after the car was detailed.

I first cleaned the battery cables and the cd changer quit. Then i had to replace the battery, now the radio stopped working. All fuses are good! Theres no power to the radio what so ever!

I bought this minivan, and had i diagnosis done on it , it came up with no numbers, but at the dealership , he said i need the motor mounts replaced, but don't know , how much they cost , to replace, also the front rear ac vents blow at heat, just the front 2 vents on passenger side, what it could be and how much it might cost?

my serpentine belt broke and i ran the engine with it off to baton rouge Louisiana from walker Louisiana and before i got to my mechanic shop it lost power and died i checked my oil its still black i had no water in my radiator it was dry what do you think I've done to it?

My compressor is running. No cool air is coming through vents on passenger side. Driver side was cooling for a while now that side does not cool either. It is almost as if something is blocking the cool because the hoses under hood have ice on them and are ice cold. Is there a part that controls this process?

Was driving down the interstate and the truck sputtered a little for a few seconds then smoothed out. I exited and while sitting at a light the truck died. just put 2 brand new coils on it because I was told one was bad, no change, it still wont start. it doesnt fire from ignition coil at all.

Just had all new tires installed-4 weeks ago and 3 months before all new brakes done w/diagnostics and all was well. Did someone damage the racking pinion during any of these recent updates?

The EML, DSC, and Check Engine lights came on yesterday. I reset the DSC then the EML and the DSC lights went off. I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds and the Check Engine light went off. The car ran perfectly as always. Today all 3 light are back on and I cannot get them reset. Any advise and what is involved in dealer repair?

replacing compressor and accumulator but cant figure out how to get to the accumulator

need to remove and see plunger is stuck. failed emission test