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th are checked out fine. just had an interlock device installed on it also my mechanic has it wired to start when you pust a button to start the fan and the car. what could it be that its not starting?

loose. Replaced the cv joint and the same looseness is still there. Appears to be the shaft coming out of the transmission which has the movement. Transmission is fine, oil is good, and spoke to mechanic at Chrysler dealership who researched the problem and advised they have no reports of this problem. The noise goes away after a while and then returns. Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this problem?

2nd air: Unready
02 Heater: Unready

All other tests pass. I have put over 500 miles on the car and still same results. The engine check light is not on.

Starting off, the trans. hesitates a few seconds and then jumps into low gear...
Driving on the highway, it will suddenly jump into passing gear...
I think it's a switch somewhere malfunctioning, or something to do with the vacuum ???????
Has anyone experienced this before ???
PS. I can put the selector in "N" and allow the engine to slow {at 55-or 60 MPH } to 2200 rpm or there about and put it back in drive and it"s usually ok.......


i notice now that my car dont change gears while driving even after i change the oil

Replaced O2 sensor and air filter box. Re- smoged car after repairs-passed. Customer took to Test only station
failed three incomplete moitors. O2 Cat. and Evap. When I
tested monitors passed. Cust took to T.O. Station turned car off then failed on monitors. Why?

My normal dashboard illumination is quite bright enough. The LCD display is hard to see in bright sunlight. The lights in the radio display do come on but are very dim even at night.
Any help is appreciated

all doors and trunk closed.

this car will not start but it will grind over but if you spray starter fluid in the breather it has started but you can not move it when you give gas it dies

Changed O2 sensors and plugs and wires and still doing it

How do I replace it?

had it scanned and comes up misfire cylinder 2. Have had everything relpaced but light still on and runs rough on the highway please help. have had the cel light reset and still keeps coming back on.

we have had the wheels balanced twice. After the 2nd balancing the steering wheel doesn't vibrate when the car shakes.

I took the car to the dealer and they wanted to charge $280 to take door panels off and look for the problem, but there has got to be a more affordable solution

off and back on it runs fine.Now its happening more frequently