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when i put it reverse it back up then when i put in drive it still drove in reverse, now it wont move in any gear
The pads haven't been changed recently so i'm not sure how air would've gotten in it but is there special bleeding procedures for this model?
my dome light is not working and i cant seem to find the dome light fuse.
it jerked and smoked before it gave out for good
Gas mileage expectations?
1998 Honda Odessey, rebuilt transmission put in Feb., 2012. Every morning when first started "hugely" jerks into gear for about first 5 minutes of stops and starts. Then shifts into gear fine for the remainder of the day.
The mechanic said it would take a little while for it to shift properly. It has been more than a little while.
The tire pressure sensor light illuminates after driving 2 minutes.
Every time there is a stop light, the car vibrates and shakes unless I step on the gas a little bit. I'd love to fix this.
I would like a fair price to repair or repace this part.
I installed new bulbs and then my hi/low beams were reversed. Is it necessary to adjust the wiring?
position without the joy stick control? It broke off years ago.
It came on and did not shut off until I took the fuse out. There is a electrical short somewhere and the battery empties even with the fuse not in. I can not find the problem with the battery emptying. Any suggestions how to find the problem?
they look like they should snap on and off, but I am not sure how to unlock the fitting
lights come on when I start the vehicle.
when i bought it the seller said it needed a new water pump because it would over heat. i replaced water pump and thermostat.i test drove it and water was coming out of the cap so i shut the car off. the car did not start again until the next day. i replaced the cap,the car started and when i shut it off it did not want to start again.we replaced the radiator and i do have the master key but the car still wont start.the key turns over and all dash lights and radio comes on but the car doesnt start or make any noise...we flushed the lines so there is no air...whats the problem???