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The remote still works. The horn still sounds and the lights still flashes when I press the remote. The only problem is that none of the locks on the doors lock. I have to lock and unlock them manually. How do I fix this?

This code is to the Evaporation system to my car. And it has a large leak.

runns rough on hiway can that b caused by the evap code to

It is taking longer form me to come to a complete stop... even at reduced speeds.

the switches on the dash do not stay lite all the time either. i did lift the front wheels off the ground and watched the 4wheel opt ok with the lights on switch on or off it seemed ok at the time

Except on the driver's side.

I tried lubricating the button on the gear shift but it
didnt make any difference. I am not able to move the gears shift out of park and therefore my car is not drivable.

my car stopped in the middle of the road and i was not able to start it for 2 mins, after two mins i was able to start it and now also its running fine, but since yesterday its whoing service engine soon message and when i check with car mechanic he said check the level of engine oil if its less also you will get service engine soon message and one more mechanic told me that i need to replace TSP (throttle position sensor), please advise me and also plz let me know how much it would be if i want to replace TSP, car details nissan altima 2000

by changing valve cover?

I am not a mac. have worked on old cars but not the newer ones are the lifters easy to change

The area for the airbag module

i felt like my car fell an made horrible noise when in gear to drive

i need to change out the egr fuel tank pressure sensor. code# p0453

All of my brakes have been replaced, rotors & cylinders.

p0453 egr preasure sensor is not working.