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there is no alignment for the rear wheels
Is problem due to curse control or fuel filter/pump
I recently had my check engine light come on in my 2005 Dodge Dakota. It has a 3.7 L V6 engine.

I used an OBDII reader on it and "PO300 -random misfire detected" was the code that came up.

What makes it somewhat more odd is my after market car alarm stopped working as soon as the CEL came on.

I first checked to see that my battery was still good. Go with the easiest one first. It seems it is fine, so it isn't due to lack of charge. What made me think it might be that is when I first start the truck, the engine runs low idle/rough for 20 45 seconds, then the idle becomes normal and I have no problems. While the idle is rough the CEL flashes and after it the issue goes away the light comes on solid.

I am looking at getting the plugs, coil packs and fuel filter replaced as it is likely due for such treatment.

Does anyone have any other theories as to what this may be, factoring in the check engine light behavior, the rough idle for the first 20 to 45 seconds then returning to normal and the car alarm ceasing to work when the problem arose?

I appreciate all input and ideas and advice!
blower motor just stopped blowing.but if I reach under the dash abang on this little box thing that seems to be attached to the motor it will blow very,very little air and it sounds like it cluncking.any help would be greatly appriciated
How do I bleed the clucth cylinder?
couple times, then starting system stops. I wait 30 seconds MOL, try again, usually starts. May take a number of tries. Seemes to work better if I turn key to "on", wait 5 seconds, then off, then start. Has never eventually failed to start (yet!) Thanks!
after driving for a few minutes it will start to miss, check engine light comes on, oil pressure bottoms out and it acts like it is runnung on 8 cylinders. If I stop, shut it off and start it right back up, it will run fine for a few minutes and start missing again. Replaced coil packs, plugs, wires & computer. Any ideas? Thank you, Susie
Is this covered by a recall? I noticed that some sites say there was a recall and the hose would be replaced by the dealer at no charge.
My dealer can't find the NHTSA number or the recall number.
They want about $600 to replace the hose.
but when i let off the gas pedal it shifts what is it
My window slammed down and I tried to roll it backup but could not. I have been told by 2 mechanics that my clips have broken and my door panel will need to be removed and the clips replaced.
My question is... can I buy clips at an auto zone or advanced auto or should I buy them from a VW dealer for better quality clips? Approx how much should clips cost? I have a friend who will replace the clips if I buy them.

was told that I needed a charcoal canister
just replaced the coil but can not find the two sensers
I had the air on and started and stopped the engine 3 times in a row. The 4th time the air got warm.
How does plastic manifold come off?
what to do next?