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i want to know where to find 2007 honda pilot transmission drain plug

I was told to relace the cam sensor and did that but the problem still persisted. This will only happen when the car gets hot, after is cools down the car will start up again.

I change plugs . Whats next?

Every once in a while and it seems it's when I push the "Driver 1 or 2" button my dash lights go crazy. All of the lights on my dash start circulating...ABS light comes on, then to seat belt light, then to driver info, on to mileage, battery light comes on, etc and it starts all over. I'm afraid that my car is going to stall or something. Any ideas what is causing this. I haven't had any diagnostic codes come up or check engine lights either except for the loose gas cap light. My car is in relatively good condition but has 120,000 miles.

i start my car my speedometer working or not working sometime its start working after about 15 min of driving how i can fix this problem?

the two lights on the climate control went out and the heat/air stoped working.then the windows wouldnt go down unless the ac or the circulation lights came on. on the climate control which would come on from time to time but now not at all.i was told it was the cotrol unit it self i changed it but it didnt work.i put a code reader on it and it said heat sensor 1&2 was out.

all my other lights work rev lights dont work neither

how much does a main seal cost, not the original toyota part but the generic brand. 1996 toyt tav4 4 wheel drive with anti-lock brakes

low miles seems to run good maybe idiles alittle hi

Auto zone said 2 and o'reilly auto parts said 1.

I have checked the coolant level and it is normal both when engine is warm and when it is cold. The engine temp guage always remains the same. Any suggestions?

At cruising speed of about 60MPH, when I suddenly accelerate (punch it, to down shift the auto-trans) the engine will suddenly turn off and all my instrument panel indicators would light up like a Christmas tree. When this happens I shift to neutral, turn off the ignition and restart the engine and it all starts working properly again. I wonder if I have some kind of electrical problem where the sudden jolt of the engine is knocking something loose.

when using drivers side switch it will not go down when i push it

lights flicker when u use in buttons like the locks or windows does this van have a voltage regulator

every time i step on the brakes the rear brakes lockup