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it changes gears fine! but ounce i come too a complete stop it kinda acts as if it doesnt wana pull off

I had a problem, the battery died and replace the alternator, but, the alarm
system and security lights come on as I start the car. help

Starts fine when cooled down.

Starts fine when its cooled down.

over and smells of gas have replaced cramk and cam sensor new spark plugs,how do i check if getting to much gas..? help thanks

since i have bought the car the turn signals do not work i have looked for a turn signal flasher but cannot find one

it will crank after awhile dont belive it is fuel pump again cant figure it out diagnostic check clean plz help im baffled

remote works on trunk and starts car.remote unlocks door when locked manually

changed the remote batteries, and checked the fuse under the hood, can't figure it. these nitro have more problems than carter has pills. no wonder they don't make em anymore!

Question is ,on my car where can I find the amp to check the fuse????

starting to shift hard when warmed up. has 73000 miles. Is it better to have tranny rebuilt or buy a rebuilt one. price is about double to buy rebuilt one.

The dealer said car batteries die on the lot if the car never gets started,so he jumped it and Everything on the car works great,Bluetooth,dvd,navy,ect.Although I have no sound for anything. I have no idea what this could be.

There is no check engine light on and the only thing I did was an oil change. But, the first time it stalled, I thought I had put bad gas in the car. I poured in some gas treatment. What could it be.

About a month ago, driving at steady highway speed, level terrain, truck goes thump, like a hard shift, then runs normally. This happened a couple of times then one morning the engine died completely. I pulled over, stopped, and the engine restarted immediately with no further problem. Next time I restarted without stopping. This morning it died and would not start for several minutes. Then it started and ran normally. Today the water can light was on while it wouldn't start. No codes displayed except 12, 37, 41 ("battery disconnected" from a dead battery a month ago) which are always shown. Occurs at highway speed, normal engine temp at 200. I filled the tank last week and this morning it was almost full. Engine has about 80,000 miles one it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

i am looking for the speedometer cable where is it and how do i remove it