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What causes problem and what's the cost of repair



I intend to buy genuine toyota part and have them replace it. Any shop willing to do that.

But comes back on after 2 or 3 engine cranks.

Here's the skinny: I was driving my car on the way home this past Thursday (5/3) when my car was having issues maintaining speed on 5th gear (5-speed manual) on the freeway. I would shift to 4th to rev up the speed and maintain it for a distance before shifting up. Next thing I know, the car dies in the middle of driving and I'm forced to pull over the shoulder to investigate.

I found no coolant and oil was running low, so I filled both of them and waited to start. Car would crank and try to start but no avail. I can see the dashboard lights (oil, brakes, engine, etc.) when I turn the ignition, and the AC worked given the car wasn't running. DOT guys came and helped but couldn't get it to work, said that it looks like it overheated without coolant and may or may not start unless the engine cools down. So I got my car towed to my house.

It's been about 4 days now and car still cranks but can't start. I'm not a mechanic, so I don't really know of the technical things behind the car other than the very basics. I've checked things online and found that it could be fuses, spark plugs or worse.

If you have any idea of how to fix this or would like more info, I would love and appreciate your advice and help.

Just quit working. Their's no light or anything at all to indicate that somethings wrong it just does not work when you go to use it.

For a while i would start the car and it would take a few trys to start it once it started it would stall and then i would have to start it again now its making a really loud grinding sound when i am turning it over but once its turned over it sounds fine

Can I reach up there or do I need to take the dash apart?

Kick panel is remove and do access to lock cylinder is there a release pin to remove it from the steering column

i changed the battery and now the radio won't play, is this a security issue and how do i get it to come back on.

it does not do it all the time when it does it whant go over 35 or 40 mph. it does not have a code in the computer

it happens when i turn sharply into a parking bay or turn. this is after i have driven it for a while and it is warmed totally cuts out.

loud wheezing, grinding noise. ring -pinion need lubed

Have had several instances where the console light will spontaneously dim themselves to being nearly off. The headlight controls are always set to the on position. The dimmer control is always set approx 1/3 up. The console lights will go out sometimes upon starting, sometimes while driving. Sometimes they will come back up if you turn ignition off and then back on, sometimes not. Other times they will just come on by themselves while driving (the road is smooth so no bumps involved). This happens very inconsistently, no regularity associated in order to define some sot of cause. No error codes associated with failures. If you try to adjust the dimmer switch all the way up then back down to the position normally set, it will not affect the issue. Happened three rimes before 3000 miles, reported issue to dealer when car was in for the 3000 mile service (it happened just as I was pulling into service department). Service could not located problem. Problem has happened several times since then. Car has 6200 miles on it now.