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Attempted too start car. Key turned toward start position but starter did nothing. Ingnition lock froze toward the start position. I do not know if the lock is in the run position. Lock does not turn, in any direction, and the key will not disengage from the lock. I read where all ford automobile ingnitions are serviced in the run position. I pulled the locked cylinder and replaced it with new FORD MOTORCRAFT lock and tumbler assembly (sw-2423). The new key and lock still will not turn and remains fixed as before. I read where the problem may be with the actuator rod? I removed all dash panels and the new ignition lock. I'm now at the point where it's necessary to unbolt the steering column to access the ignition switch and actuator. I'm concerned about reassembly of the steering column and its alignment - is there any danger that alignment issues may arise both with steering column and actuator?
how do you repair codes 1626 ,1606, 1411?
When I put it in reverse it was sputtering and knocking. What could be wrong? I am afraid to even drive it to get it fixed. It has about 98,000 miles and pray it isn't my timing belt. Advice please,from a senior woman. Thanks.
I am trying to replace the rotors and control arms and bearings on my front right tire for my '97 toyota tacoma 4x4. I need a free diagram showing the parts labeled.
Have had to depress clutch all the way to start engine, but shifting difficulty just started.
When I turn to the right I hear a sloshing sound The passinger floor mat is wet in the upper left side and the car has condensation in side.
Does anyone know where I can find a schematic that would tell me what the voltages should be at the heater control wiring harness pins, and cluster gauge voltages at the harness? Or perhaps give me a place to look for problems, since my gauges stop working when I plug the wiring harness into the back of the heater control module.
I have just changed the radiator but the problem still persist. What could be the cause? Thermostat ? It does not happen when the AC is off. What should I do?
I have to spray WD-40 in the slot to correct a problem. What is the cost for fixing this particular problem.
If I turn the engine off while going down the road and turn it back on it shifts fine. It seems to do it more when its raining or there is alot of moisture in the air.
it knocks on take off and smoothes out some on hte road but still knocks some
The light stays on
The problem happens everytime the car's engine is cold. When the accelerater is pressed the car starts and stops then acts normal, until I stop and then start again.
how do i get them out without damaging them? cannot find what to do in the repair manual..
need help knowing what to do